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The Zy'Raaki are a rare race of people who live on a rather small planet called Shion. They are rather peaceful among themselves, though they are in a constant war with the Diare race who frowns at their gods and their way of life

 Home world 

Shion. A very diverse world full of life with a population of 1,000. It is about 738 miles for it's radius. Which is roughly about the size of Pluto.


The Ancestors are the original beings of both the Zy’Raaki and the Daire. A priest had visited the Ancestors with news of the five gods which gave both wonder and doubt between them. This started the war between the two and they split. Eventually, the Zy’Raaki developed their uses to be as close to the gods as possible which unlocked their lifespan as well as their powers. The Daires kept with their old ways had not developed as much unless it was their weapons and society.

 Classes and ranks 

Ranks are determined by the skills mastered in each household as well age age. Elders for the household is not a rank that everyone can achieve as it is the wisest and the most mastered. Of course this comes with age as well. Usually Elders are picked at the ages between eight-hundred to nine-hundred years old. However, there are other ranks within their households.


Everyone starts at this once they enter a Main household. 20% stay in this rank as no one is forced to rank up in their lifetime.


A raise in pay as well as more floors unlocked for them to access within the household.


Besides money, they are usually trained to become the Head Family Leader. That, and they get full access to the household. Those who do not become a Head Family Leader, would remain as a Master until they are chosen, or their life ends.

Head Family Leader

There are a total of ten houses, Within each house is governed by the elder which forms a counsel between houses. It is forbidden for Life Mates to be found in the same house.

The Main Household

  • Earth Household - Lives underground in tunnels and is the supplier of ores.
  • Water Household - Very graceful people who live  above the ground, tends to be the creative ones out of all.
  • Fire Household - They help with the production of medicine.
  • Metal Household - Outgoing and engineers. Producing new ways to live and function .
  • Air Household - Tend to build flying crafts including wings for Fighters,
  • Thunder Household - A rather powerful household that uses the energy of  electricity to power up all households.
  • Mist Household  - These are your doctors and nurses as well as caretakers.

The Secondary Household

  • Yin Household - Even though the head of the household is one of the oldest of the elders, the residences are female children from newborns until seven years old.

  • Yang Household - Even though the head of the household is one of the oldest of the elders, the residences are male children from newborns until seven years old.

  • The Household - This is the household where children go to at the age of eight, Determine by which Class they are, they can stay here and train until they master the techniques.


Basically a life career from the ages eight until they die, this also allows the elders to place the in the right household. They cannot change them and people tend to be happy with what they have chosen, Down below are just some of the examples of what they would  do, more can be added later:

  • Medical - Doctors, nurses, and caregivers,

  • Miner

  • Engineer

  • Fighter - Total of Seven. Is the Military and Police (even though they do not really need the police since they live peacefully).

  • Neutral - They tend to be stay at home type of people who takes care of their Love Mates and is the only one that can choose which household they wish to be a part of,

  • Entertainment - Actors, Cartoonist, Artists, Writes, and so on.

  • Chef

  • Welder

Ki and Chakra

The Eight Chakras alignment.

Ki is the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health. Chakra is each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be between seven or eight in number. Though, as a Zy'Raaki it simply emplifies their way of living and overall life.

The Eight Major Chakras

The Lower Triangle

The first three chakras deal with the physical needs of the body and the basic needs of life. They focus on elimination and reduction.

First Chakra: Security and Survival

Foundation, survival, security, habit, self-acceptance.

Location: End of the spine between the anus and sexual organs.

Organ/Gland: Organs of elimination (e.g., colon).

Color, Element: Red, Earth.

Second Chakra: Creativity

To feel, to desire, to create.

Location: Sex organs.

Organ/Gland: Sex organs, reproductive glands, kidneys, bladder.

Color, Element: Orange, Water.

Third Chakra: Action and Balance

Willpower. Personal power and commitment.

Location: Area of the Navel Point, solar plexus.

Organ/Gland: Solar plexus, liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas, adrenals.

Color, Element: Yellow, Fire.

Balance Point

The Heart Center, or Fourth Chakra, is the balance point in the body between the flow of the upper energies of the Heavens and the lower energies of the Earth, where experience shifts from “me to we” or “me to Thee.”

Fourth Chakra: Love and Compassion*

Awakening to spiritual awareness; forgiveness and service.

Location: Middle of the chest on the breast bone at the level of the nipples.

Organ/Gland: Heart, lungs, thymus gland.

Color, Element: Green, Air.

Upper Triangle

The chakras in the upper triangle and the aura – which combines the effects of the other seven chakras – accumulate, create, and refine the energy. There are no specific gross elements associated with the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth chakras, as they correspond to the more subtle realms.

Fifth Chakra: Projective Power of the Word

Hearing and speaking the Truth. The Teacher.

Location: The throat.

Organ/Gland: Trachea, throat, cervical vertebrae, thyroid.

Color, Element: Light blue, Ether.

Sixth Chakra: Intuition, Wisdom, and Identity

The union of opposites; understanding one's purpose.

Location: Between the eyebrows (the “Third Eye”).

Organ/Gland: Brain, pituitary gland.

Color: Indigo.

Seventh (Crown) Chakra: Humility and Vastness

Transcendence. The Tenth Gate. The seat of the soul.

Location: Crown of the head.

Organ/Gland: Brain, pineal gland.

Color: Violet.

Eighth Chakra: The Aura


Location: Electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. Color: White.

Lifespan and Time

They tend to live for a thousand years. One year of our time would equal a half of year for their time. This is only for those who are not known as the Fighters Class type. Fighters can live up to fifty-thousand years due to their sleep-mode. Sleep-modes could last from five years to three-thousand years. By the time grey hair and deterioration of their body happens, they are over seven-hundred years old.


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