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"The world is yours, my friend. Take it."
AgeUnknown (Appears 20)
Physical appearance
Height6’2” (Human) 6’11” (Demon)
Weight412 lbs.
Skin toneEbony
HairJet Black
EyesBrown (Human) Fuchsia (Demon)
OtherScar (Left Eye & Center of Chest)
Born Sengalang Burong
October 30th
Turned July 27
Eighth Circle of Hell
Died July 27
Cause of deathMurder
KillerCabin Boy, Chia Chia Kong
Other family
Alliance(s)Nightmare Troupe
Friend of
Enemy ofArmy of Hell
Mental state
PersonalityRelaxed; Avariciousness; Promiscuous; Cheeky; Charismatic
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
LikesCooking; Sex; Music; Money; Gold
DislikesDemons; Noblemen; Royalty; Lawful Groups
Professional life
FactionThe Yubel Pirates
Employed by
Years active{{{yearsactive}}}
Out of character
CreatedSeptember, 2015
RP title
RP genre
RP typeT1
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ExternalTheme Song

Yubel is a general of Hell's legion, a strong-minded hellspawn cursed with greed and a lust for treasure. Albiet, at this point in his life, he has treasure to spare and, on occasion, he does. He is one of the most wealthy figures in all of the multiverse.


Yubel is a rather muscular fellow with bulging arms and a very detailed body. Stretching across the top of his back is a raven flying upwards with the number one inside and on his left arm is a tribal tattoo that stretches down the entire arm but besides that, the only other abnormality is the scar across his left eye. In his human form, Yubel has ebony skin and brown eyes with luscious jet black locks that fall down his back. Besides the fact that it is incapable for humans to have black hair, there is no tell that he is a demon. His inhuman aura is kept at bay by Ba'al Zeelbub, making both his presence and inhumanity stay hidden. In his demonic form, his skin becomes plated in a dark exoskeleton, leaving only his chest and abdomen with the ebony tint. Massive horns sprout from his skull and knees with small, razor sharp blades manifesting on where the extensor carpi ulnaris would be and shoulder blades. His legs transform into feline-like appendages which allow for an increase in speed and stride length. His eyes and tattoo begin to glow an iridescent fuchsia in addition to two small slits beneath his chest. This is due to the necroplasm now being exposed and ready for complete use by Yubel. To top this dastardly design off, he gains a tail with a bladed tip as well as claws on both of his massive hands and footpaw while his still jet black hair also becomes a weapon, the ends now being sharpened to act as mini-blades.


  • Relaxed: Aside from being a demon, Yubel is generally a relaxed and cool person. Before reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu, he'd come to discover that the first person to lose their collectivity is the first person to be slain. This calmness gives off a certain cool ambiance about him, making him desirable and only further attributing to his already supernatural charisma. He hasn't a care in the world which supports this 'bad boy' persona that people seem to stigma him with. Fathers hate him. Daughters love him. Mothers want him.
  • Avariciousness: Born to a poor family, Yubel began his days as a common thief and due to the fact he owned nearly nothing, when he did get something, whether it be a piece of bread or a bronze coin, he treasured it like it was gold. This later turned into an obsession and he began stealing and killing for treasure just for the sake of having it. This obsession, however, turned Yubel into the mogul and wealthy figure he is today. Enough will never be enough.
  • Promiscuous: Back when he was still human, he already had a rather superhuman charisma about him. He tended to sleep with all of the women of the village from wives to daughters. Now that he is a demon, his lust is only fueled further. He views women as treasures and this either makes them hate him due to the fact that this meant he was objectifying them and seeing them more as a trophy than a person or love him due to the fact that it'd seem as if he acknowledged their beauty and worth. Either way, as long as he was sleeping with someone, he didn't care.
  • Cheeky: Yubel has always been the anti-authoritative type, even from birth. In his younger days he'd disrespect his waste of a father, reminding him constantly of his shitty job at being a hunter. He always lightens up the mood and makes the things that would otherwise seem dire appear as if they were nothing but a pebble in the road. Most people granted respect off of the strength of their names and titles are deemed as nothing more than a peasant to him, making being a king or even god mean nothing more than being a farmer or merchant. This lack of respect for authority and lack of seriousness only strengthens his charming nature even further.
  • Charismatic: Above all, Yubel's most notorious feature is his supernatural charisma. The pheromone he emits in addition to his other personality features of further strengthen this charm. It is said that he could persuade a king to hand over their kingdom, an emperor to hand over their empire and a god to hand over their their power. However, these are just legends and the only fact is that he has gained a massive wealth through his words alone and may have a many children across many galaxies and worlds within the multi-verse. His confidence in his strength, ability to listen and fake empathy, relaxedness and smile are enough to get him the world at this point.

Weapons (Main) & Abilities

Ba'al Zeelbub [4/9]

Yubel (Demon Form)
Yubel is encased in a symbiotic exoskeleton that emulates skin in his human form and an armor of sorts in his demonic form, given to him as a gift when he was first assigned to his position in the ranks of Satan’s demonic legion. Ba’al Zeelbub is innately submissive to its host, Yubel, so long that it can constantly feed off of the necroplasm that makes up the arch-demon. If Yubel was to ever be successfully killed, Ba’al Zeelbub would adopt Yubel’s body for its own purposes and become another independent being. His skin, hair, horns, claws, spikes and tail are all a part of an organism bonded to his necroplasmic central nervous system and will protect Yubel even if he is rendered unconscious. Ba’al Zeelbub can also feed on souls and the ambient negativity radiated from people with evil intent as well as naturally evil animals such as wolves, bats, carrion insects, black cats and bears. This does not exclude creatures of the night such as vampires and demons either. Ba’al Zeelbub is able to alter its shape and form in a multitude of ways which include but are not limited to expanding and condensing to form formidable weapons, creating a durable shield able to block assaults and maintain a constant durable armor to counter holy attributed objects such as holy fire, holy water and holy light. Ba'al Zeelbub is also capable of detaching from Yubel to act as a projectile or breaking down to a nanoscopic level for nanoscopic warfare. Ba'al is extremely dense and powerful which is why it is able to stretch for over fifty meters and still retain the strength of the finest blades crafted by Masamune himself. If Ba'al Zeelbub fragments are farther than fifty meters from Yubel then they auto-pilot and act on instinct, adapting to any situation and doing whatever to survive until they sense their master and host back within range. Being one of the pureblood breeds, Ba’al Zeelbub has nine necro-states, during which time the suit goes into a dormant hibernation, allowing it to mutate and evolve. When it awakens, it is significantly more powerful but if the suit evolves faster than Yubel’s ability to control it then it will become the dominant within the symbiotic relationship. Before the incident at tavern in Terrundra Forest, Ba'al Zeelbub was at the Third Circle of Hell, or third necro-state, but has since evolved and reached the Fourth Circle of Hell after absorbing the life force of [ShiMayfair]. After evolving, Ba'al Zeelbub gained an ability called March of the Dead. March of the Dead allows the wielder to summon golems that emulate the abilities, skills and physiology of up to eight corpses of those the user has killed. The puppets are known to retain their habits, desires and traces of personality that they had in life, sometimes enabling the user to utilize these to their advantage.

Hellspawn Physiology

Reborn as a spawn of Satan, in addition to his peak human physical condition, Yubel was gifted with many more abilities. His entire composition is that of necroplasm, however, as he still obsesses with being human, Yubel emulates non-functional internal organs which can be seen if he was opened up. He possesses speeds beginning at three hundred and ninety three feet per second and a starting punching force equivalent to a freight train moving at the speed of sound without any additional help from Ba’al Zeelbub. Yubel is near virtually immortal, incapable of being killed by conventional means. Without the assistance of a holy weapon such as a blessed blade or holy fire, the only way to kill Yubel is by decapitating him. His body is in a constant state of alert which makes even wounding him a task. The moment his necroplasmic body is penetrated, the wound begins to heal instantly using his necroplasmic reserves while the ambient evil of everyone in the immediate vicinity in being absorbed and converted to replace the used necroplasm. As a result, Yubel is also incapable of being poisoned and unable to feel the effects of drugs, medicines and herbs. He can’t get high, be sedated or fall ill. Yubel is able to control the necroplasm within him as well, creating bombs and constructs composed of the necroplasm also revealing it has acidic properties. Shown before, Yubel does have superhuman reflexes but Ba’al Zeelbub takes these reflexes to another level, blocking bullets at point blank rage. Other abilities as a result of his rebirth include telepathy, telekinesis to the point of levitation of self and portal creation. The latter has only been used for transportation purposes as it clearly requires a lot of focus and concentrated necroplasm to utilize. The final feat that his race has is the specific pheromone his necroplasm emits. With this pheromone, Yubel is able to use himself as a beacon and control creatures of the night which include but is not limited to bears, bats, wolves and carrion insects. He has been known to command enemy vampires and force them to commit suicide.

Hellfire Manipulation

Initially, Yubel was a general in the army of Satan. In addition to Ba’al Zeelbub, Yubel was also granted dominion over the flames of the Eighth Circle, namely Hellfire. These flames are unlike any other as they defy physics itself by erasing matter. With little to no effort, Yubel is capable of generating and manipulating the black flames that answer only to his hand and emit no heat to essentially erase his opponent. This fire can only be countered by holy magic or holy fire and even then, it depends on the two opposing forces’ wills. These conventionally inextinguishable flames have been known to smother “normal” fire and burn water. The feeling of being touched by even a single ember has been described as being assaulted and maimed by millions of small halberds, picking and tearing the flesh apart slowly but surely. Despite his ability to generate and control these flames, Yubel is incapable of generating and manipulating normal fire so outside of combat, this ability is relatively useless.

Necroplasmic Magic

Yubel possesses a vast skillset composed of reality-altering feats at his future disposal that, if necessary, can be accessed beyond what he needs to rule his station or even in a life or death situation. Every time Yubel uses a spell, a magic counter appears and the numbers decrease, having started at 9999. Because of this, Yubel relies mostly on Ba’al Zeelbub and his own physiology for combat instead. Other than the counter, there is no limitation to what Yubel is capable of with this besides his own imagination. He has so far used his magic to perform a resurrection of one of his crew which cost him 2000 points, meaning Yubel currently possesses only 7999 magic points left. However, it has been noted that he can reset the counter to 9999 by consuming a soul which is why he tends to stock up on them in the midst of war.


Born in what is now known as Borneo, Yubel was an only child born to a rather poor family. His father was an unsuccessful hunter who never brought enough food home and his mother was a stay-at-home and really his only support system. Though little is known about his family, it is a fact that Yubel’s grandfather was also a hellspawn known as Exodia. Due to his poor upbringing, Yubel began his life as a common thief and bandit with a group of his friends. With his father being a relatively unsuccessful hunter, this led Yubel to develop greater skills, reaching peak physical condition. By the time he was an adult, Yubel was an intelligent and feared captain of the Sengalang Pirates. Their reign lasted for years, controlling what is now known as the South China Sea. Not a single trade was made without it going through them first. Yubel raided many surrounding villages, claiming them as his land and making the citizens pay taxes with threats of being murdered and their families being split apart, the sons forced to join the crew and the daughters and wives forced into slavery. Yubel and his crew either raped the daughters and wives or sold them to some snobby king. Yubel made a fortune on the sea becoming one of the richest men in history before he was murdered by one of his crewmen in his sleep.

Yubel’s soul was slammed into the depths of Hell where he had met Mammon, one of the princes of Hell. After making a deal with Mammon, Yubel agrees to become a hellspawn and serve Mammon if he is allowed to return to Earth and reclaim his treasure. Mammon returned Yubel to the living realm with only the barest of memories, a scar where the sword was plunged into his body and a mentor who was another of the legions of Hell. Yubel returned to Earth in a dazed and confused with no memory of anything prior except his name and that he was murdered. After receiving a many painful flashbacks, Yubel remembered the deal he made with Yubel and most of his past but he still could not remember where he had left his treasure. Yubel returned to a world now alien to him nearly one hundred years after his death before returning. Yubel tells his mentor of his annoyance and desires and the mentor begins teaching Yubel about himself and that his powers are fueled by necroplasm and that once it is all used up, he must return to Hell. Initially, Yubel rarely used his power but over time, he began to get more and more comfortable with utilizing the necroplasm and Ba’al Zeelbub. He was once again ravaging and terrorizing villages, looking for his treasure. This pleased Mammon as everyone he killed was sent to Hell and was one more addition to his hellspawn army.

By the time Yubel was about five hundred years old or so, he had mastered the use of necroplasm, hellfire manipulation, necroplasmic magic and Ba’al Zeelbub. He carried out his duty as one of Hell’s generals by all of the senseless murders he committed. Recognizing the threat that this hellspawn presented to the living realm, Heaven watched as a mercenary angel attempted to take him down. This angel wielded a divine blade and was the first to even remotely harm Yubel. However, the angel was ultimately obliterated when Yubel turned the angel’s own divine blade against it. Having realized his power, Heaven decided to take direct action and began to dispatch many angels and archangels to handle Yubel with them all being defeated. Realizing his own power, Yubel defected from Mammon which initially angered him and resulted in an all-out war between Yubel and the legions of Hell but Mammon eventually gave up his pursuit out of boredom. In the war, Yubel utilized his own forces: the Sengalang Pirates reborn and more powerful than ever. Also, in the midst of war, the Nightmare Troupe was formed as with another member acting as the pseudo-leader, Yubel being the true head of the organization. Both the Yubel Pirates and the Nightmare Troupe are classified as A-Class bounties, meaning that capture of any of their members in any dimension is highly profitable.