A yōkai (Japanese: 妖怪, ようかい) is a creature with supernatural powers, often using them for a bad purpose. However, some yōkai have ties to more of a mischievous attitude, compared to that of a malicious outlook. Yōkai are linked with nature, since many have the form, or at least, features, of an animal, or dwell in mountains. Some yōkai are even capable of shape-shifting.


Due to their high level of power, many yōkai adopt the habit of acting arrogant towards those they consider inferior. However, some yōkai choose to avoid human beings- and the trouble associated with them- and reside in isolated locations. Others may decide the opposite, and out of their liking for mankind, will eagerly accept the opportunity to move near human settlements.


Yōkai are, more often than not, immune to human attack, though they are not completely invincible. Many of them can be taken down by professional yōkai exterminators, or through the blessing of Buddha's monks.


  • obake or shape-shifting yōkai: kitsune, inugami, bakeneko, ...
  • oni, a sort of mountain-dwelling ogre
  • tengu or demon goblin
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