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Also calledSpace Ghosts
ClassificationEnergy Beings
StatusNo Concern
HomeworldXerxes (Star XIII)
DietAll Energy
Life span
ReligionKimaguan; Horus Guild Worshippers
Weight440 lbs. - 500 lbs.
Skin texture
Hair color
Eye colorColor of Energy
Body parts
Real world origins
CreatedFeb. 2014
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Out of character
RP title
RP genreSci-Fi; Fantasy
RP typeT1
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Xerxians are a race of incorporeal sentient energy beings that originate from the "eternal" star, Xerxes, in the Whirlpool Galaxy.



The Xerxians are a passive, yet parasitic race who, since ancient times, have migrated between planets, consuming them as they go along. Despite being so "destructive", they only do this to survive as wherever they land perishes a few hundred thousand years later. It is said the Xerxian people are as far above the humans on the evolutionary scale as they are above the amoebas.

Xerxian-Kimagu War

Night creature by exomemory-d6l8a17

Vismajor - Female

Soon after the sentient beings of Xerxes would come to terms with their existence, they'd realize they were not alone on this star. Another race of reptilian dinosaur-looking creatures led by what they would refer to as the Kimagu would arise and prosper by eating the Xerxians. They would later earn the names: Vismajors. The Xerxians fought back as best they could without the use of energy manipulation, an ability they would later on realize they possessed. Four Xerxian philosophers, later known as the Horus Guild, would have an epiphany in terms of their abilities and share the secret with the rest of the known Xerxians. Only then, empowered by the energy from the star, did they begin to truly gain the edge. The Vismajors began being killed off, one after the other, leaving the massive Kimagu left to be dealt with. Kimagu, unlike the rest of the Xerxians, was able to absorb energy through her fire retardant dermal exterior instead of simply consume it through ingestion like the rest of the Vismajors. She easily defeated each Xerxian that dared try to fight their demise making the Horus Guild's philosophies needed once more. They devised a plan that would require the neighboring planets assistance. The Horus Guild then developed a system which would later be referred to as the Xerxian Gateway. With this now in place, they began the plan. First, the Kimagu was led to an energy prison that would hold her there just long enough for the Xerxians to escape. Once Kimagu had been trapped, the majority of the Xerxian population escaped through the Gateway while the Kimagu absorbed the energy from the star until it ultimately died, taking her along with it. The Horus Guild had other plans, however, which would change the course of history entirely. Being the most powerful Xerxians in existence, they  killed off each Xerxian who knew the secret of energy manipulation and basically hit reset on the species. From this point on, they would live in ignorance, oblivious to the truth.

Veiled Veracity

Despite such passive, docile nature, the Xerxians became a parasitic race. They'd now been cursed to travel and consume for the rest of their existence (with the help of the Xerxian Gateways). They were controlled by the Horus Guild and their descendants who hold the secret of energy manipulation, making all other Xerxians weak in comparison. Thoughts and ideals were instilled into their being, making every Xerxian (aside from the Council) oblivious to the desctruction they were bringing upon planets. Before each migration, the Quadratic Council would single-handedly wipe out life on the weak planet. This would all change once Ramsayi gained conciousness, however. He'd realize the moral faults of his predecessors and escape their hold, causing an uproar among the Xerxian population. Skeptics and idealists were kept under lock and key with the power of the Quadratic Council. The beginning of a new era would begin where free minds either escape and live somewhere in the galaxy or are punished and absorbed by the great Xerxian council.



Typically, the Xerxians remain in their incorporeal energy form where they are most powerful. They are intangible and have the power to control all known energy in this form. However, they are unable to communicate with any other race or species due to a lack of telepathic powers. The color of a Xerxian varies as they are able to assume any color, beyond human perception (billions of colors), however, it seems two Xerxians of the same color are unable to exist within the same dimension without the other soon dying for unknown reasons (much like seeing your doppelganger). It has been noted that male Xerxians appear to be warmer colors while females are colder colors yet this is not definite as with the violet male Xerxian (Ramsayi). This also means Xerxians, in this form, are unable to be poisoned or even touched for that matter. They are all-powerful god-like beings despite their peaceful nature.

Humanoid Form

Xerixans are able to assume any form by possessing tangible, corporeal creatures though each Xerxian chooses their vessels wisely: by the color of their hair. Most likely, a Xerxian will possess a humanoid creature with hair the same color as their energy coloration. Upon possessing the humanoid, its typical organs become useless and the Xerxian binds with their cells. The cellular functions then become super batteries, hyper metabolizing specific wavelengths of radiation (& energy) as fuel to enable living functions and/or superhuman abilities. Different wavelengths of radiation (& energy) have different effects on a Xerxian's physiology and well-being. Many physical changes occur on the interior and exterior of the Xerxian vessel. On their home planet, the most abundant energy stems from the actual star they existed on and leaves them with capabilities identical to your typical healthy human. When foreign energies are absorbed, it is possible for the Xerxian to showcase limited abilities of the absorbed being (angel = limited holy powers/wings, demons = limited demonic powers/wings). It has also been proven they are able to store this energy for later within. Xerxians have no need to eat or sleep (but are still capable of doing so) and don't require oxygen to breath.


  • Supernatural Condition

First and foremost, on the planet of Xerxes, gravity is 1/6th that of Earth. In terms of pounds, the average weight on this planet is 13,230 lbs. On Earth, the typical Xerxian weighs a measly 440 pounds which gives them about a 30:1 gravity ratio but the inertia of a mule. With the absorption of the sun’s energy as well as surrounding energies, Xerxian people inhabiting planet Earth have superhuman strength, speed, intelligence, reflexes, and stamina as well as superhuman senses and accelerated healing. The extent of these abilities depends on how much energy the Xerxian is currently utilizing however. Upon the apprehension of said Xerxian's vessel, they grow immensely, reaching towering heights of at least six feet and seven inches.

  • Energy Exertion and Absorption

The Xerxian species thrive off of energy absorption which is absorbed through any form they can. This means through the skin, through the mouth, through the eyes or any other hole on their physical body they can find. This energy that is absorbed gets transferred to either be held within them for later usage or to increase their physical statistics or be exerted for range attacks later. Energy can be converted while within the Xerxian but it does in fact take a bit longer than to simply exert the compressed energy as it was. For example, thermal energy could be transformed into magical energy but it would be more powerful to simply be used as thermal energy, absorbed as simple energy but then exerted as a focused and more powerful beam. Magic energy comes in many different sub-energies such as light, dark, fire, water, spirit, earth, etc. This energy absorption can be instinctual or, after years of practice, the energy absorption could be controlled, giving them also more control of their abilities.

  • Dermal Armor

Once humanoid form is assumed, the vessel’s skin becomes extremely dense/solid allowing them to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, and changes in temperature. The strength of the Xerxian’s tough shell can be best compared to chromium-vanadium steel. Blunt strikes or attacks with little skill and simply brute force fair not well against the skin of a Xerxian in human form. It would bounce back as if trying to slice a mountain.

  • Immunity

As a result of not having your typical human physiology, the Xerxians are not affected by things that corrupt one’s senses with the exception of sight. Also, with the lack of use for organs, the humanoid Xerxian is completely immune to every form of disease brought on by bacteria, viruses, or even parasites. Unlike other creatures with this immunity, the Xerxian DNA cannot be apprehended because they lack it. Therefore they cannot be used to create cures for disease.

  • Multi-Lens

Once the humanoid body has been apprehended and the transformation begins taking place, the eyes of the creature also begin to change. Those vibrant irises seemingly change to the color of the Xerxian’s energy coloration while also developing multiple lenses which each hold their own purpose. The first and outermost lens seemingly protects their eyes from the effects of glares and flashes, making blinding them very difficult. The second lens allows for Ramsayi to perceive the infrared spectrum, allowing him to see any and all kinds of heat signatures. The third and final lens grants vision into the astral plane (realm of the dead). The final lens is normal vision on the material plane. Every layer is protected by the first lens and only one can be used at a time.

  • Semi-Immortality

So long that a Xerxian remains on Earth, forever feeding on the Sun’s natural radiation, they will live. The radiation of the sun seeps through most things; however, if a foe can somehow shield the radiation from the Xerxian, they will be able to kill them.


Upon the Xerxian’s humanoid body going unconscious from the lack of energy, the Xerxian’s energy will lie dormant within it for about an hour. After this hour has passed, the Xerxian vessel will explode. The death of a Xerxian is almost identical to the death of a star. All the stored energy it had will generate a violet explosion, blowing the innards of the Xerxian into space. There, the materials of the exploded Xerxian mix with the primeval hydrogen of the universe. Ultimately, they will be reborn as a star.



Female Xerxians are treasured among the populace and are put before both men and children. Their reasoning for this is unclear yet it is a feeling they are typically bred with. Despite this, Xerxian females are completely submissive to their mate. The majority of the Xerxians that existed after The Purge lack their own personality and live with a preset disposition enforced by the Quadratic Council. They are a passive and docile race despite their constant need to feed on energy. Xerxians try their best to avoid conflict and the majority populace oppose war. They are not aware of what happens to a planet which makes it a barren wasteland before they arrive yet they do not question it. Their naivity is a mystery to this day. Only the few who are conscience like Aversatrix have their own personality. Though, they often abandon the rest of the Xerxians and hide for the rest of their lives to be safe from the Quadratic Council.


The Xerxians are lead by four descendents of the famed Horus Guild. These four descendents form a council called the Quadratic Elders who rule the Xerxians with an oligarchic fist. The Quadratic Elders (and their descendents) are the only people who know the secret of energy manipulation, also making them the most powerful of the Xerxians. These beings are not immortal, however, and almost never take any humanoid form. Unlike the rest of the Xerxians, they are much more aware of their surroundings and thus are more aggressive and cautious in nature. Each member of the Quadratic Council is allowed to bear a single son who will take their place upon their passing. Seeing as though energy manipulation is something fairly easy to use, the sons of the Quadratic Council are taught the art fairly young.


The Xerxians praise the very beast that sought to destroy them ironically. They believe the Kimagu to be the Goddess of Destruction and thus sacrifices three of their kin every Xerxian year as payment for their lives. The modern Xerxian people also pay great homage to the Horus Guild who subdued the Goddess of Destruction, Kimagu. It has been noted that Xerxians often "pray" to the Horus Guild because they believe that somewhere in the galaxies, a star composed of their former selves exist and they will be able to hear them. Kimagu is often never prayed to, let alone her name be spoken yet still worshipped as the great Goddess of Destruction.


Xerxian Gateway

Xerxian Gateway

For the most part, the Xerxians have not progressed passed the Industrial Age in terms of technology. Their most prized piece of technology is a device titled the Xerxian Gateway invented by the ancient Xerxian civilization which allowed instantaneous transportation between locations all over time and space. The physical component of the device resembled a literal door which was either suspended in space or surrounded by a frame, which in some cases is composed of neutronium . All that is required for an individual to travel through the gateway is by stepping through the doorway where upon they emerged on the otherside in a matter of seconds. This effectively allowed individuals to travel throughout the galaxy without the use of starships. The various doorways formed by the technology is variable in size depending upon the needs of the user of the controls which allows them to create small enough gateways that simply allows transmissions to be sent to allowing individuals to travel from one point to another. There are numerous types of gateways that were constructed by the Xerxians which had taken on a number of sizes and shapes. These different series varied from being large and inelegant to being small and functional with there being a few models that are able to be held in the palm of one's hand. The controls work both verbally and manually with straightforward commands being needed to address the command system. When shut down, the entire system began configuring the relays with the networks closed down and relays disconnected. It was capable of being reactivated but a restart command was required to be entered into the computer.


  • The Xerxians make up basically consists of their own, usable energy in addition to absorbed energies that are entirely seperated.
  • Xerxians are also called the space ghosts by some other races and planets because they can easily be compared to spirits with their sentient intangible bodies, ability to possess creatures and energy feeding (like some spirits feed on emotions such as rage, lust and envy).
  • Binding to a host is not something a young Xerxian is able to do easily, it requires practice and time spent perfecting the craft.
  • The longer a Xerxian has been occupying a host, the stronger the host's body becomes.
  • Since Xerxians don't have names, depending on which planet they land on, they adopt their names as well as they begin their age from the day they land. A Xerxian landing on Earth on May 1st, 2000, would be only fourteen years old on May 1st, 2014. Whether they celebrate this is entirely up to them.


The Xerxian species has been created by Sxciety.