Wyatt Henson


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Background Information


Glacien Seale

Username Magicpaw1200/𝓜𝓸𝓻𝓼#1467
Age 22
Gender Male
Race Star Dancer
Sexuality Bi-Curious
Group Fallen Knights
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Quick Description

He is much taller than his younger brother as he stands at 6’ 8’’. He has blonde/dirty blonde hair and a set of golden-brown eyes. Due to his height he seems a little lanky but is actually a tad muscular. He doesn’t have quite the curves his brother has but some just noticeable.Wyatt tends to keep to himself as he keeps a long list of things to do in his mind. He likes to have something to focus on and it always rather serious. He does have a more lighthearted side but it takes a while for someone to get him to open up to see it. He is rather determined and is always trying to perfect something.

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Name Username Sex Trust Few Words
Drew Henson Neonablaze Male 100% He is my little brother. He's so fun to mess around with.