Excalurius or Wyatt is a Charmed Community role-player with a fairly long history. He joined as Paige Halliwell, taking a part as Charmed One role-playing, in 2004. He joined right in the middle of the Great War, which took place from 2003 to 2005, while the community was under the name Charmed Ones Online.

Later, as he lost interest in playing a charmed one, he took on the secondary role of The Source, from a secondary account, Excalurius. Following the changeover to Charmed Forever Forums, he surrendered the role of Paige Halliwell to another member, making Excalurius his main role.  At about the same time, he became one of the RPG Managers for the Board Hosted Stories.  Sometime nearing the end of 2008, a mere months before the changeover to Charmed: Before the Dawn happened, he was nominated and accepted into the Council of Elders.

When the changeover from Charmed: Before the Dawn to Charmed: The Prophecies occured, he took on the name of Wyatt.

Wyatt's duties within the Council of Elders are: Forum Management, and RPG Management.  He continues to take a very active role in not only planning and implementing the Board Hosted Stories like The Fallen World and When Destiny Is Changed, but also participating in them as well.  Wyatt continues to serve as a highly respected member of the Council of Elders to this very day.