Warin Trekker[1] ("Trekker") is a retired Star Trek simmer. He ran the Star Trek Sims (STS) club on America Online from 1992 to 2001.


Trekker attended his first sim in November 1992. He quickly fell in love with simming, but did not like the random, free-for-all, sim he encountered. Possessing extensive D&D role playing experience, Trekker felt simming needed a game master to control the flow and outcome of events. After having attended only one sim, he decided to launch his own a weekly sim.

Initially, Trekker's sims consisted of fleet actions, in which multiple ships simmed together at the same time in the same chat room. Trekker played the captain of the USS Phoenix. He also took on a game master role, which he termed the "enemy"- essentially the adversary of the week. This role would later be formalized in STS as the sim master.

Trekker's sim, later renamed the USS Royal Proxima, expanded in popularity throughout 1993. He recruited new members, including Trekguru and Beaufort N'fo (NFO), who would come to form the leadership core of the Star Trek Sims club as new sims were established along side the Royal Proxima. Trekker trained and appointed new captains, Trekguru trained and assigned sim masters to each sim, and NFO kept track of overall membership. By 1996, STS fielded 6 sims.

In December 1996, America Online switched to unlimited billing, allowing its members unlimited online time; previously members had been limited to 5 hours (later 20 hours) of online time a month. This unleashed a period of turmoil known as the Revolution of 1997. Differences of opinions between Trekker, Trekguru, and NFO as to how to respond to the change caused to Trekguru and several of her supporters to leave STS in March 1997.

Despite the loss suffered, unlimited billing brought new members to America Online, and STS continued to grow. By 1999, STS had reached new heights, running 6 chat sims and 3 email sims.

However, by 2000, Trekker had largely burnt out on simming after running the club for a half dozen years, and the club entered a decline. By the end of 2000, only one chat sim, the USS Lancelot, and one e-mail sim, the USS Harvard, remained active. In 2001, the USS Lancelot finally disbanded, and the Harvard is believed to have ended thereafter.


  1. Unless otherwise noted, all material in this article comes from Chas Hammer. Chas was a member of STS from 1996 to 2001. The information contained in the article is derived from STS newsletters and other materials Chas has saved. A further source of information for this article comes from a series of interviews Chas conducted in 1998 with Trekker, NFO, and Trekguru.