Dear RP Wiki and SimEnc contributors,

Chas and I have been in deliberation with this for a couple of weeks, but now is the time to announce you all what we see as future of our favorite encyclopedias. We would like to propose a merge, a joining together of all three wikis (roleplay.wikia, role-play.wikia and In this post, I will fully explain what is upcoming. Even if you didn't read the entire post, please express your opinion in the comments below. You are perfectly allowed to both support or oppose a merge, as full community approval is needed to go through with this big of a change.

What changes will be made?


We do not want to scare people away with big structural changes, a new purpose for the wikis or anything like that. The subjects of both wikis, that have an overlapping area, will just be joined together: coming from SimEnc/roleplay will be pages about players, communities, sims that took place in the past; coming from role-play will be pages about species, role-play characters, RPG's and universes. This means that no pages will be deleted.


Maybe an important notice: the URL of one Wikia wiki will be redirected to the other, so that you can type either in the URL bar or so that no bookmarks/favorites are broken. Although we will move the content to role-play.wikia because of technical reasons, we will eventually move to roleplay.wikia. This URL is shorter and easier to type/remember.


As neither role-play and roleplay.wikia had their own rules or guidelines, Chas and I have worked together on a new set, based on the SimEnc guidelines and adapted to both Wikia environment and the new, wider purpose of our encyclopedia. If you have remarks on these guidelines specifically, please put them on the guidelines' talk page, and not in the comments below.


An additional feature that is new especially for SimEnc contributors, is the wiki chat. This has been implemented for easier contact between users, general discussions/questions about wikiing, and may be used for role-playing sessions, tournaments and meetings in the future. Apart from that, we also have a blog (like the one you're reading), optional polls, and a forum for community discussion.


SimEnc'ers, do you miss your old layout? If you are feeling nostalgic, you may feel like going to your settings to set your skin as "Monobook" (under "Layout"). This wiki's blue and green skin, however, is absolutely fancy and will therefore be kept, maybe with some minor changes if suggested in the comments below.


The hierarchy will be quite simple as for now. Chas, Onion and I will be the wiki's admins, and we'll additionally have one chat mod, Starry. Since we have no real overview of who will be part of the community and who are mature users, we will however not appoint any more admins or mods as for now.

How will changes be made?

Changed and to change

Some of the changes I mentioned above have already been implemented: adding the features, creating the layout, writing out the full rules/guidelines (in progress) and giving rights to the appropriate people (I will promote Onion as soon as I see him again). The only thing that really needs to be done still, is moving the content from roleplay to role-play.

Content import

I would like to request you to not move any content. As admin of this wiki, I am able to export and import pages and their histories integrally to this wiki. I have so far already done this with most pages of SimEnc, and Chas has already been going through this list to see if this has been done properly and which version should be displayed.

To make import more simple, I would like to request every user to go through the list of pages at roleplay.wikia here and mark every page either with Category:Move (pages present only on roleplay.wikia) or Category:Dontmove (pages present on both wikis). This is with exception of the pages Chas already did (thank you Chas!), that are marked with Category:Duplicate or Category:Reconcile.

Not moving pages manually has the advantage that the edit history will show who added or removed what content to the page, and will allow you to see previous versions. This is to avoid discussions, but also to be able to address the right person when you have a question about something they wrote.

Remarks and questions

With the exception of the guidelines, which should be discussed on their talk page, every comment, question and remark should be posted below. I really would like if everyone at least posted whether or not they agree on the merge of all of the role-play and roleplay wikis. You can do this with templates:

  • {{support|<reason>}} -- copy the following: {{support|<reason>}}
  • {{neutral|<reason>}} -- copy the following: {{neutral|<reason>}}
  • {{oppose|<reason>}} -- copy the following: {{oppose|<reason>}}

Or you may also just write your opinion out fully. Please keep everything civilized :)

YATTA, ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ | 2013年10月09日、07:52:23