How to navigate through RPWiki

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This blog post discusses the ways to navigate through RPWiki. After all, knowing your way around the wiki helps you to find and connect articles. This will ensure that you for instance don't make an article about something that exists already or that you can easily find a related article to the one you're writing, to use it as an example (structure, templates, writing style).

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Yes, a very easy way to navigate the most important sections of the wiki is actually called Wiki-navigation. This is the green bar at the top, which has several tabs from you to choose from.

Whereas the first of the four tabs gives you access to some interesting tools, such as the Wiki Activity and new images feed, the next two categories articles under in character and out of character.

The in-character content of this wiki are articles written mostly from in-character perspective (characters, ...) or relevant for in-character use (species, ...). The out-of-character content of this wiki are articles written about role-play and the RP community: players, games, communities and more.

The last tab, "Get in touch", shares links to the important information such as rules, and where you can help out or contact other users.

Search function

The search function works basically like the one on Wikipedia: if you start typing a term, it fills you out with the existing articles. If you hit enter while that exact article name doesn't exist, it will lead you to Special:Search.


When you're in Special:Search, you will get options to search images, users and other namespaces such as templates for those keywords as well, by choosing one of the options on the left side.

Find out more about the search function in Help:Search.


There are two notable types of categories: by article type (e.g. character page, game page) and by community the articles belong to (e.g. Starfleet Legacy Alliance, Ongoing Worlds).

Categories by article type can be found in Category:Content and its subcategories: characters (RPCs), RP communities, concepts (terminology), events, and so on. Weapons can be found in the items category, just like textual RP games (sims) can be found in the role-playing games (RPG) category.

Categories by community can be created as soon as a community is big enough for at least 5-10 articles about its players and their characters, role-playing games and other features. They are listed in Category:Community categories.

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Comments or questions? Since the Wiki-navigation section has shown you how to find other users, you can contact anyone on this wiki for help. However for now, this blog's comment section will also certainly do :)

Thanks for reading!

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