Uridien is a retired role-player who served as the President of the Federation Fan and Sim Club from August 1997 to 1999.


Forum Protest and conflict with TOL

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Uridien came to prominence during the summer of 1996 as a leader of a protest movement that attempted to persuade America Online (AOL) to create a new simming forum apart from SFOL and the NAGF. When AOL rejected the demands of the protesters in August of 1996, the protest collapsed and Uridien left AOL, although the protest did help spawn the UFP/SF sim club. Uridien returned to AOL later that autumn and joined an unaffiliated sim, the USS Independence, where he attempted to revive the forum idea. After the Independence joined the UFP/SF, Uridien had a falling out with the captain of the Independence, Kris 'Scott' Perry. Uridien took to publicly opposing Scott, as well as the UFP/SF, and subsequently, Trek Online, following the merger of the UFP/SF into Trek Online.

Federation Fan and Sim Club

In April 1997, Uridien joined the Federation Fan and Sim Club, and in August, was elected President of the club. As president, he achieved a détente with Trek Online and lead the Federation Fan and Sim Club without incident for two years. In 1999, he decided to close the club and to retire from simming.