A group led by Pete Anders in mid-2000 after his ousting from OSA.


What Rank Will I Start As: The rank you will start out as varies depending on your Simulation ability, experience. If you have never simmed with an organized group before, you will most probably start out as the rank of Cadet. Or, if you have attended some Sims before, Ensign, which will allow you to bypass the USC Academy.

Do I Have To Attend The USC Academy: Again, it depends on your Sim experience. We usually put people who have attended 6 or less Sims through the basic academy courses. However, we also have some different courses that you can take, including command school, The USC Medical Council, and some others.

How Will I Get Promoted: Promotions are given by your Commanding or Executive officer, however can be given by any USC Admiral, or somebody holding a high authority in the USC CoS. Promotions depend on the quality of logs you write, the amount of credits you get (example: if you attend the medical council, that ensures a one or two step promotion -- that's called a credit) and how good of a Simmer you are. However, do not ask a Commanding Officer to promote you......they will do it when they see fit.

Where Are The Sims: Each Sim has its own time and room name, some USC Sims are held in member rooms, some are held in private rooms, and some are held in conference rooms. It all depends on the ship, and the Captain's preference.

What Ships Are Available For Me To Join: We have several vessels that you can join. Including our newly opened 23rd Century Sims Division for all you Original Series Fans. We also have a WWW Division for people not on AOL. You can sign up for any of our Sims at the USC homepage which is located at


CtblAnders - Commander And Chief/President/Chief Of Web Team
DataBL - Executive Officer
FAdmDayUSC - Co-Commander of Fleet 1/Personal Trainer
CAdmrBryan - Dean of USC Academy
USCBecky/BeckyUSC - Chief Of WWW Division Sims
RobotSarah - Chief of 23rd Century Sims
DragonL722 - Chief Editor Of The USC Newsletter/Chairmen of the Idea Council
DctrFinch - Chairmen of the USC Medical Council