Star Trek based simming group, founded by Admiral Andy B. Clements, that has been in existence since 1995. First established on AOL's service, it eventually moved on to the Internet. Traditionally utilizing live-simming taking place in AOL, it has more recently switched to AIM based chat rooms. It is currently led by a rotating Executive Board voted upon by the Host Staff, and has been since September 2018.


Active: Outpost Phoenix, Starbase Everest, Starfleet Academy, USS Aldrin, USS Ares, USS Columbia, USS Darmok, USS Excelsior, USS Hermes, USS Independence, USS Roddenberry, USS Odyssey,

Retired: Corps of Engineers, Deep Space 12, ISS Reciprocity, Outpost Cousteau, RES Khazara, USS Dauntless, USS Halifax, USS Fragglerock, USS Kemo Sabay, USS Marquesas, USS Stealth, USS Sundancer, USS Integrity, USS Lexington, USS Lothlorien, USS Montgomery, USS Odyssey, USS Potemkin,USS Federation,USS Eclipse,USS Agamemnon, Special Operations Group, SS Nigala

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