The United Planetary Council (UPC) was a Star Trek based sim club that ran from 1998 to 2005.

It was founded by Fleet Admiral Anika Troy as the Interplanetary Council (IPC) in 1998. After approximately 6 months, the group was reconstructed and renamed the United Federated Planetary Confederation (UFPC). In 2001 and 2002, the club was attacked by convicted simming criminal Logan Troy, who founded a rival club called the Imperial Planetary Confederation (IPC) to aid in his attacks. This forced the UFPC to be reformed and relaunched as the United Planetary Council (UPC) in 2002.

Under its incarnation as the UPC, the group claimed it was able to launch multiple sims, both chat and email based, with a total membership reaching around the 200-250 mark. This number, however, was disputed. It has since been speculated that Anika Troy is an assumed identity of Logan Troy, and the attack on the UFPC was manufactured as a conflict between two of his identities.

In 2005, due to personal issues not involved with simming, Admiral Troy was forced to close and dissolve the UPC and place it in mothballs. In 2007, Lt. Cmdr. Maggie McTaggert, with the reluctant authorization of Admiral Sean Reich, effectively brought the fleet out of mothballs and back to active status, with a fully interactive website, and began recruiting new members. This action was not authorized by Admiral Troy, and when she discovered this, she immediately ordered the club back to inactive status.


Briefly signed an alliance with the Federation Sim Fleet (FSF) and Interstellar Simming Confederation (ISC) against the Online Simulations Association (OSA) on 6/1/99.

Long standing member of the Simming League until UPC's withdrawal in 2004.