United Confederation Fleet (or UCF) is a Star Trek sim club.

Mission Statement

UCF's continuing mission: to defend and seek out new life and explore the galaxy. Fulfilling the promise of peace, discovery and Diplomacy made in the past to ensure the knowledge and peaceful existence of generations for the future.


The United Confederation Fleet is the operational exploratory and military authority of the Planetary Alliance, a group from the original UCF who decided it was time to once again band together. It was formally formed in 2404 and superseded the role of the UCIP Fleet Command in the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets which was a more loosely controlled body tasked with the same purpose. UCF was reestablished in January, 2412.

General Information

The UCF, as it is more commonly referred to, is a structured military styled organization with starships, facilities and personnel donated by its member governments. It is currently headquartered from the planet Chin'taka in Cardassian Union space, however, under the initial agreement that formed the fleet this headquarters changed every two years.

Operation of the UCF is overseen by the Planetary Alliance Council which draws its members from each government that has signed into contributing and cooperating with the UCF. This council appoints a Commander in Chief who commands the organization on a day-to-day basis.

All personnel, starships or facilities signed over to UCF use are either contributed for a fixed period of time which may run into years or decades. The contributing government agrees to remove those personnel or starships from their normal chain of command and to turn over all rights of command and control to the UCF Council.

Operational Objectives

The Confederation Fleet has a very clear list of operational objectives, all aimed at supporting it's member governments.

  • To provide military support for peace keeping and defence, both within its members borders and externally as necessary.
  • To assist member governments with search and rescue or other related operations to ensure the safety and protection of all it's members.
  • To operate collaborative exploratory and research missions and to support member governments in their own exploration and research as necessary.
  • To make contact with planets and governments discovered through exploration and to provide diplomatic support to the expansion of the Confederation.
  • To transport and protect member government dignatories.

One of the key services that UCF provides is in border protection as not all member governments have equal levels of defense technology, so the patrols of UCF forces allow equal protection of all member borders.

UCF Technology & Equipment

As the UCF is supplied with its starships, facilities and general equipment by the member governments of UCIP, there is a broad range in use within the fleet.

In practice, as the Federation the first to join the UCF and over the life of UCF has been its longest term members, much of the technology, equipment and even personnel in UCF comes directly from Starfleet.

Many classes of Starfleet vessel are employed by UCF, however it also uses designs contributed by the Hydrans, the Gorn, the Cardassians, the Klingons and has recently begun producing ships with technology contributed by the Romulans, Federation and Klingons.


25th Century Starships and Stations

23rd Century Alternate Timeline Starships


IC Staff

Position Officer Rank
Commander, United Confederation Fleet John Liconie Fleet General
United Confederation Fleet Chief of Staff Eithne Falcon Admiral
Director of Confederation Fleet Operations Drake Hudson Vice Admiral
Director of Confederation Fleet Research and Development Arthius Sayic Vice Admiral
Director of Confederation Fleet Diplomatic Core George Davis Vice Admiral
Chief of Confederation Intelligence James Nickles Vice Admiral
Commander of First Force Jason Roberts Admiral

OOC Staff

Position Player
CinC Wolf
DCinC Cat
Head of Wiki Moss
Head of Recruitment Arthius

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