USS Zacharial was a play-by-message board Star Trek sim that was part of Utopia Prime (later Siren Fleet) that ran from July 2006 to ca 2008.


The Zacharial, under the command of Tom Ryder-Morgan-Farr playing Captain Kurtis Levenham and Commodore (later Rear Admiral) Nveidra D'Tala was the flagship of Utopia Fleet/Siren Fleet. In 2007, it was part of Siren Fleet's Task Force 129.

At least three versions of the Zacharial existed. One was a Sovereign Class Starship, NCC 81070-A. By 2008, it had become an Excalibur Class Starship, NCC 81070-B. The sim was rated 16+.


The USS Zacharial-A, performed counter-special terrorism duty, and was credited with preventing the collapse of the Klingon structure in the wake of an attempted assassination of two Klingon High Council members. The Zacharial also supported the efforts of Captain William T. Riker in securing peace with the Romulan Star Empire following the fall of the lost son Shinzon of Remus. Despite this, an unknown force ceased control of the ship's computer, causing the ship to warp off to locations unknown.

The crew of the Zacharial-A escaped and was assigned to the Zacharial-B, an Excalibur Class Starship, a colossal ship claimed to be the most powerful and capable ship since the creation of the Sovereign.

Major Awards

  • Winner of the "Best in Fleet" 2007, winning the Ships Gold Award, as voted by the membership of Utopia Fleet.

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