The USS Wyvern was an independent Star Trek play-by-email sim that was active from 2005 to 2008.


The USS Wyvern, NCC-78241, was a Federation Intrepid Class Starship.[1] Set in the era following the end of the Dominion War and after Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant, the Wyvern was tasked to explore a swath of territory beyond Starbase 185 whose inhabitants are known not to necessarily be friendly towards the Federation.[2]


Known members of the Wyvern's crew are as follows:[3]

  • Captain Arinea Kadiri, Commanding Officer
  • Commander Rr'Vellan, Executive Officer
  • Commander Stephanie Lenslow, Chief Engineer (NPC)[4]
  • Lieutenant Commander Kathryn Friedman, Chief Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Drii Andirii, Chief of Security
  • Lieutenant Unalaq Saumik, Ships Counselor
  • Lieutenant Sesen Visola, Medical Specialist (NPC)
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Valorie McGuire, Chief Science Officer
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Belkirus zh'Nara, Security Officer
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Talila Xare, Engineering Officer
  • Ensign Sonla Antos, Medical Officer

Sim History

The Wyvern met at via a Yahoo Group. The group was created on May 7, 2005, and the first post followed on June 10. The Wyvern enjoyed a steady output of posts until August of 2006. Between September and November posting dropped to 2 a month and then ceased for nearly a year. A round of posts were written between November 2007 and January 2008, and again in May 2008, before ceasing for a final time.[5]

External Links


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  4. The crew roster lists this as an NPC, but the sim archives show the character to be regularly written by Philip Starr.
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