The USS Sutherland was a Star Trek chat sim that served in the Trek Online sim club from May to ca September 1997.


The Sutherland was the first sim Trek Online launched on the CompuServe Information Service. Commanded by B. Dailey, head of the Trek Online CompuServe Division (TOL CSI), was the flagship of TOL CSI. The Sutherland held its first sim on May 14, 1997 and remained in service until approximately September, at which point it experienced a profound school sump and was canceled.


The USS Sutherland, NCC-1331, was a Federation Nebula class starship.


  • B. Dailey, Captain, Commanding Officer
  • Maura, Commander, First Officer
  • Hawkins, Lt. Commander, Tactical
  • Noble, Lt. Commander, Chief Engineer
  • Palmer, Lieutenant, Operations
  • Kyle, Ensign, Helm