USS Stonewall was a Star Trek chat sim that served in Trek Online from August 1997 to January 2001.


The USS Stonewall met Monday evenings in a private chat room on America Online. The ship, along with the IKS Dark Falcon, which simmed after the Stonewall on Monday nights, was organized in the summer of 1997. The ship was named after an event in during the Trek Online Civil War known as the Battle of Stonewall, and was also a nod to General Stonewall Jackson of American Civil War fame. The Stonewall was popular though out its existence and was closed when Clodo, its commanding officer, retired from simming in January 2001. The Stonewall's timeslot was immediately filled by the USS Challenger, and several members of the Stonewall crew continued with the Challenger.


The Stonewall, NCC-79801, was an Orion Class starship. The ship's motto, derived from General Jackson's last words, was "Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees."


  • Clodo, Vice Admiral, Commanding Officer