For the role-play originally on Spacefleet Online, see USS Stargazer.

The USS Stargazer was a Star Trek chat role-play that was a member of the Federation Sim Fleet. The role-play was commanded by Jay Truce.

Space the final frontier...

These words were the beginning, the opening scene to an ambitious new show that no one thought would last. Little did anyone know just how far this 2 part pilot would go.

The Enterprise and her crew captured our imagination, and gave us a hopeful, upbeat glance at a possible future. A future where racism, strife, hatred and war no longer existed on Earth.

Where the people of our little blue sphere had banded together in the name of peace, and for the betterment of all mankind. Where interplanetary peace became an attainable goal.

The original Star Trek series led the way. Later we would see a new Enterprise, then Deep Space 9, and finally we would meet Voyager. We have watched the TV shows and movies... marveled at the technology, felt the thrill of battle, and the pain associated with the loss of an officer, or a ship.

Along the way to history, they have spurred books, conventions and collectibles. With the introduction of the Internet to the mainstream populace, a new medium was found to express the people's fondness for Trek. Entire websites devoted to the genre, Trivia groups, discussion groups, chat rooms, and lastly, the Role Playing Game... also known as Sims. That is where we come in.

The USS Stargazer is a Star Trek based Simulation, a Prometheus Class Vessel based in the Alpha Quadrant. Our crew is as diverse as any seen in the television shows, and just as heroic. Some are newbies, in their first sim, while others have been doing this for years. It doesn't matter to us, we are only interested in having a great time in this "Trek Universe". Well, enough of the chatter, lets get down to business...

Captain Jay Truce Commanding Officer USS Stargazer