For the chat role-play commanded by Jay Truce, see USS Stargazer (FSF).

The USS Stargazer is one of the oldest currently active role-plays in all of simming. The Stargazer currently sims in the Federation Sim Fleet in Spacefleet Online. The game is currently on its 23rd season and is commanded by Captain Montgomery Sayre, played by FSF Ignatius, and its executive officer, Commander Dreia Frej, played by FSF Esrom. The game's role-plays take place on Monday nights at 9 PM EST in IRC room #ussstargazersfol.

Plot and History

The second great Romulan Federation war has reached an end. The Romulan Hobus Star went supernova. Newly reassigned, the USS Stargazer has taken on a humanitarian and exploration mission, centered into the heart of the former Romulan Star Empire.

The USS Stargazer is one of the longest serving sims remaining in the roleplay community. It was founded in the 1990's and prospered as one of the major Sims in the original SFOL. The game continues to run to this day, with a very dedicated team of hosts, players, and enthusiasts.


  • Commanding Officer: Captain Montgomery Sayre
  • Executive Officer: Commander Dreia Frej
  • Chief Security Officer: Lieutenant Ben Monroe
  • Assistant Security Officer: Ensign Anastasia Monroe
  • Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Rennon Auron
  • Assistant Science Officer: N/A
  • Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Convel Bryan
  • Assistant Engineering Officer: N/A
  • Chief Medical Officer/Counselor: Dr. Gibbons
  • Assistant Medical Officer: Ishmael Rodgers

Historical hosts

The USS Stargazer has had several notable hosts. The list below is incomplete:


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