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The USS Montana is a Star Trek role play from Independence Fleet (IDF) set during the TOS movie era.


The USS Montana launched on January 8, 2021 under the command of Captain RS Harrison:

  • Captain RS Harrison, Commanding Officer
  • Commander Emmalyn Marcus, Executive Officer
  • Lt. Cmdr. Victoria Mason, Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Lieutenant Antonio "Tony" Bracco, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Travis Ryson, Chief Science Officer
  • Lieutenant Angelus De'luva, Chief Communications and Operations Officer
  • Lieutenant J.G. Sumr Monshine, Communications Officer
  • Lieutenant J.G. Raymond Bailey, Chief Counselor
  • Lieutenant J.G. Samuel De'luvia, Chief Helmsman
  • Lieutenant J.G. Charlie Dubois, Assistant Chief Helmsman

On April 1, 2021, Emmalyn Marcus assumed command.

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