The USS Intrepid was a Star Trek play by forum role-playing game that ran ca 2006 and 2007. At some point, the USS Intrepid storyline was superseded by that of the USS Enterprise-J.


Star Trek: Intrepid was set during the year 2395, approximately 20 years after the First Dominion War, in a very unstable galaxy. The Dominion were preparing their fleets for an Alpha Quadrant rampage once again, and have begun to send ships to Breen Territory through the wormhole. The Cardassian Union had recovered from it's massive setback during the First Dominion War and the Krazzle Clan Empire had opened diplomatic ties with the Federation. The Federation's last hope for peace, and perhaps victory is the USS Intrepid, an Intrepid class starship under the command of Captain Richard Royle.

The Second Dominion War

The Second Dominion War is a fictional conflict fought in the USS Intrepid sim.

Date: 2390 - Present

Status: Cold War

Place: Alpha Quadrant

Combatants: Federation Alliance

-United Federation of Planets

-Romulan Star Empire

-Klingon Empire

-Cardassian Union

Combatants: Dominion Empire

-Dominion Empire

-Breen Confederacy


Commanding Officers: Federation Alliance

-Fleet Admiral Colin Travis & Captain Richard Royle

-Praetor Tirol

-General Kavtok

-Legate Devak

Commanding Officers: Dominion Empire

-General Weyoun & General Maylan

-General Got Thor

-General Ah'Dar Afo


Following the First Dominion War in 2375 left the Dominion Empire in a humiliating political and military defeat. It had also been the first time the Dominion had surrendered to an opposing faction for 10,000 years. Over the next twenty years the Dominion began to build its crumbled fleet back up to operational level. After sending fleets of ships to the Alpha Quadrant, specifically to Breen territory on "peace missions" the Alpha Quadrant was plunged into Cold War. The Dominion were secretly amassing Breen, Jem Hadar and Son'a fleets for a war. The Dominion promised the Son'a control of the Romulan Empire in the post-war era, along with promising the Breen control of the Klingon Empire. The Dominion would control the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets.

Cold War Ignites

After the second wave came through the Wormhole sensors onboard Deep Space 9 detected magnetic resonance traces of a Dominion starship. Widespread alert and panic flared up across the Alpha Quadrant. The Dominion had begun to invade. Top Federation Negotiators under the peace flag were sent to negotiate with the Dominion. Offering the Dominion access to technology if they retreated along with other grand deals did not work. For five years the Alpha Quadrant was plunged into a state of cold war.

The Dominion again sought their aggression by detonating a bomb inside the Federation Embassy on Cardassia Prime. 237 Cardassians were killed along with 59 top Federation diplomats. The bomb was detonated by a Son'a agent which enraged the Federation Alliance into a state of war.

A second bomb was detonated at a Romulan Embassy on Earth. 420 Romulans were killed along with 4 senators. Along with this Admiral Rayer, Chief of Starfleet Intelligence was killed with 42 Starfleet Marines and 211 Federation personnel. A third bomb was slated to be detonated at the Klingon Embassy on Earth but the bombings were halted by Section 31.

The Allies last hope lay in the hands of Captain Richard Royle sent to negotiate with the Founders in the Gamma Quadrant.


The Intrepid was a combat orientated role play game set in a time similar to that of when the war kicked off in Deep Space Nine. The simm is set to expanding the Star Trek universe where Voyager left off.

Known Crew Members

  • Captain Richard Royle, Commanding Officer - Joined December 8th 2006
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Drogan Major, Chief Comm Officer - Joined December 27th 2006

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