For other sims of this name, see USS Independence.

The USS Independence (NCC-1979 A) was a Galaxy Class, Star Trek chat sim that existed from ca fall of 1996 to July 1997.


The sim began as an unaffiliated sim on America Online under the command of Patrick Lynch in the fall of 1996. The crew of the Independence, which met on Saturdays, endeavored to sim on Sunday night as well. However, requiring people to sim two nights in a row proved untenable and the Sunday sim ultimately spun off, briefly as a starbase sim before transforming into the USS Freedom. During this period, the two sims were referred to as the Independence Group.

In December 1996, the Independence, now under the command of Kris "Scott" Perry, and the yet unnamed Sunday sim, merged into the United Simulation Group (USG). A month later, the USG merged into Trek Online. The move triggered resistance among several crew members. Exhausted from the period of turmoil that followed, Scott retired from command and closed the Independence in July 1997.

Command History