The USS Indelphi was a Star Trek chat sim that served in the Trek Online sim club in 1997.


The Indelphi was organized as an independent sim by Mike Cook, a simmer with the USS Independence in the early months of 1997. In recognition of Mike's sim skills and the political support Mike had offered during the Trek Online Civil War, Chas offered to make Mike a rear admiral if he brought his sim into Trek Online. Mike agreed, and the Indelphi held its first sim on March 23, 1997. The Indelphi met Sunday nights, replacing the USS Freedom, which had previously simmed in Trek Online on Sunday nights. Chafing against the creative limitations imposed by one ship, Mike destroyed the Indelphi in a spectacular explosion on June 1, 1997, and a week later launched a new starbase sim, Frontier Station.


The USS Indelphi, NCC-78954, was an Indelphi Class Federation Starship. The first and only ship of its class, the Indelphi was a massive warship, over a kilometer in length.

Command History

  • Mike Cook, Commanding Officer, March to June 1997
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