USS Harvard,[1] NCC-75004, was a play-by-email Star Trek sim that was part of the Star Trek Sims (STS) club.

The Harvard was the first e-mail sim launched by STS, and is known to have been active as early as 1996. The Harvard was also the longest serving e-mail sim within STS, as well as the last sim in STS to cease operations, and is known to have been active as late as 2001.

The Harvard was commanded through her existence by Captain Daman Kirk. Sim Masters for the Harvard included JRR360, Trekguru, and Cendan.


  1. Unless otherwise noted, all material in this article comes from Chas Hammer. Chas was a member of STS from 1996 to 2001. The information contained in the article is derived from STS newsletters and other materials Chas has saved. A further source of information for this article comes from a series of interviews Chas conducted in 1998 with Trekker, NFO, and Trekguru.