The USS Griffin was a Star Trek PBeM sim in Independence Fleet, launched within the Special Operations Division under the command of Captain Priscilla Myst.



Records show that the USS Griffin was created in September 2001, and left Independence Fleet in January 2002, several days after the USS Goldeneye had left and been disbanded. It continued to operate until march 16, 2006, when active posts abruptly stopped in its yahoogroup, though the last message was a "pass" sent on March 24, 2006.

The Griffin's manifest at the time of her discontinuation was:

  • Captain Priscilla Myst, Commanding Officer
  • Commander Jaquelle Daem, Executive Officer
  • Commander Jack Davidson, Operations Officer & AXO
  • Lieutenant Commander Rinali Travin, Security Chief
  • Lieutenant Commander Jason Crawford, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Solasho Aiden, Assistant Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Tovaal Maxwell, Chief Conn Officer
  • Lieutenant Marina Catherine O'Roarke
  • Lieutenant Jack L. Stone (NPC), Chief Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant Anna Krasinski (NPC), Chief Science Officer
  • Lieutenant J.G. Teresa Bowen (NPC), Counselor

Other known characters that were previously on the USS Griffin:

  • Commander Yuri Ivanof, Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant Scott McInnis, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Ryan Sable, Chief CONN Officer/AXO
  • Lieutenant Gordon C. Freeman, Chief Operations Officer
  • Ensign Alexiandria Sandraian, Counselor
  • Lieutenant J.G. Vosch Karenek, Assistant Science Officer

The USS Griffin was operated as a post-by-turn sim, wherein members were assigned a specific order, based upon their character's position and rank, and only allowed post on their "turn." Simmers who did not wish to post during their turn elected to "pass," allowing the simmer after them to post in their place.

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