The USS Goldeneye was a Star Trek PBeM sim in Independence Fleet, launched within the Special Operations Division under the command of Captain Emery L. Ashley (also known as Ashla Bogan), who was a veteran of the independent Sunfire.



The name, Goldeneye, was selected by Admiral West, and was derived from the 1995 James Bond movie, likely influenced by plans that the ship be Special Operations oriented or capable. The Goldeneye was a Prometheus-class vessel and the third ship added to the Special Operations Division, allowing the Sunfire to be celebrated as "the first ship in the fleet to spawn two expansion ships." However, the Goldeneye did not last long, beginning in September 2001, declared independent as a sim in January 2002, and going defunct shortly after. It produced only 59 posts, or an average of 12 posts per month, during its five total months of operation. This was Ashla Bogan's first failure as a commanding officer with IDF.

The USS Goldeneye used a post-distributing system similar to Soultrek, wherein all posts were sent to the CO, who then edited them for errors, and forwarded them to to the crew. This proved to be a handicap, however, as posts often conflicted, and simmers began to lose interest, due to delays in the COs inbox. This also proved detrimental to archiving posts and other communications for historical purposes, as such an archive was maintained only by the CO.

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