The USS Freedom, NCC-1799, was an Excelsior class Star Trek chat sim that ran on America Online from late 1996 to early 1997.


The Freedom began in the autumn of 1996 as an extension of the USS Independence; the crew of the Independence, which met on Saturdays, endeavored to sim on Sunday night as well. However, requiring people to sim two nights in a row proved untenable and the Sunday sim ultimately spun off, briefly as a starbase sim before transforming into the USS Freedom. During this period, the two sims were referred to as the Independence Group, although no formal structure existed between them. In December, the Independence and the Freedom joined the United Simulation Group (USG), which in turn merged into Trek Online in January.

The Freedom was initially commanded by the captain of the Independence, first Patrick Lynch and later Kris 'Scott' Perry. In February 1997, the commands of the Independence and Freedom were split, with Scott retaining the Independence and Taloryah, Daughter of Va'que gaining command of the Freedom. The Freedom, however, suffered from low attendance and Taloryah quickly desired to retire from command. The final sim of the Freedom was scheduled for March 9, 1997, but as it began, it was raided by forces hostile to Trek Online and never completed. The Freedom's Sunday timeslot was soon filled by a new sim, the USS Indelphi.

Command Timeline