The USS Endeavor was a ship that simmed in the Trek Online sim club. Following the collapse of Trek Online in 2004, the Endeavor continued to sim on its own for a period of time.

Sim History

The USS Endeavor was the third ship launched by the UFP/SF sim club, which later became the America Online division of Trek Online. It held its first sim on October 23, 1996, under the command of Real Admiral Josh Riker. Soon after launch, Josh became busy in real life, and de facto command passed to his first officer, Kyrin Troi. In 1997, the switch was made permanent, with Kryin promoted to captain and full-time command. Matthew Joseph Dawn commanded the Endeavor for the first half of 1998, followed by Amy Dax, who served as captain until 2000. Later captains included Ditto and Trini.

The Endeavor was known for its intricate, month long story arcs. Despite being a chat sim, many sims focused on character interaction and development, as opposed to outright action and plot advancement.

The Endeavor took part in an annual joint Thanksgiving eve sim with the USS Vindicator, during which both ships would meet in separate chat rooms, but take part in the same mission, with the captains and sim masters of both ships coordinating the plot.


The USS Endeavor won Best Sim during the 2001 Tournament of Simulations.

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