USS Brooklyn NCC 65398, was a Nebula class Star Trek sim on QuantumLink that launched in September 1988 under the command of Tigra Tigress. It was named for the home borough in the City of New York for it's commanding officer after the original planned name of USS Bay Ridge being vetoed by the other members of the Oberth Seven. Feeling unprepared for command, Tigress shut down the sim in November.

Since the Commanding Officer had played in many different departments before taking command, the one mission which was held, was one of the first to take several weeks to complete, then a new and novel thought, but was also only the second (the first post USS Oberth) to be diverse and require almost every department.

2012 Rebirth

Starting in 2012, the USS Brooklyn will be returning to limited active duty as a convention simulation for use in such events as SciWorld. This version, will still be commanded by Tigra Tigress and will be a slightly refitted version of the same ship