The USS Black Knight was a Star Trek chat sim that served in the Trek Online sim club from May 1997 to February 1998.


The Black Knight was a private, secret sim within Trek Online open only to the club's sim hosts and senior members. The sim was the brainchild of Chip Rollins, who proposed it as a way for the club's top leaders to bond. It was an early example of a free form sim in Trek Online; there was no set captain, and plots occurred with no regard to continuity. On occasion, the Black Knight would, without explanation, be replaced with the USS BrightStar (USS BS).


The USS Black Knight was nominally a Galaxy Class Starship, registry number NCC-14712; although this background was not often followed. The ships alter ego, the USS BrightStar, masquerade as an Akira Class Starship and shared the same registry number, NCC-14712. The motto of both ships was taken from a quote from Babylon 5, "Understanding is a three edged sword."