The USS Banshee-C was a Star Trek play-by-e-mail sim that served in the Vega Prime Alliance ca 2005 and 2006.


The USS Banshee, NCC-110611-C, was a Montgomery Class Starship. The Banshee featured a complement of 64 officers and 140 enlisted personnel. With 13 decks, the Montgomery Class was an updated version of the Yeagers Class, which itself was assembled from Intrepid class saucer section and nacelles that were mated to a custom drive section. Featuring a streamlined hull and 13 decks, the Montgomery Class was considered to have a more efficient space layout than the Intrepid Class.


The USS Banshee was dispatched from Earth in 2422 to investigate a wormhole in the Badlands; the wormhole turned out to be temporal in nature and the ship ended up 40 years in the past. There, they discovered the Maquis of old were using the wormhole to steel future technology. Unknown to the crew of the Banshee, a Federation starship of 2382 had dispatched a shuttle loaded with explosives to seal off the wormhole. Believing the shuttle to be a threat, the crew of the Banshee re-entered the wormhole to stop the shuttle; the explosives detonated, and the Banshee was propelled deeper into the wormhole, emerging trapped both in the past and in an alternate reality.

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