USS Arcadia is a Star Trek sim that serves in the Star Trek Simulation Forum. Originally a sim of Spacefleet Online, the Arcadia has been running continuously since its founding in 1992.


USS Arcadia is a chat-based sim that has been running continuously since Dec. 14, 1992. Originally hosted by Spacefleet Online, it moved to Star Trek Simulation Forum as one of the group's founding sims in 2002. It currently runs in the chat room at 9PM Eastern Time on Wednesday nights.


Arcadia runs a continuous plot; generally, each week's one hour long sim continues the previous week's, with a time between sims ranging from a few minutes to a few days. Self-contained plots last approximately 8-10 weeks, although some plots have lasted as long as 6 months. There is no planned long-term story arc, although places, events and guest characters from previous plots frequently return in later plots.

Arcadia (NCC-1742-E) is a Sovereign class ship, set in the post-TNG era. The basis of ship's specifications are canon. During the course of the sim, some non-canon technologies and elements have been introduced.

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