The USS America was a Star Trek message board based sim that existed ca 2000 to 2009.


The America began as an independent sim ca 2000 and joined the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA) in 2002. In June 2003, the original captain resigned and Captain Smith was appointed by the SLA as its new commanding officer. In July 2004, the America experienced a split when Captain Smith decided to withdraw the sim from the SLA. However, Stuart Collis, playing Kelly Jean O'Connor, the Chief of Security and a Lieutenant on the ship, refused to leave the SLA and took command of an SLA version of the America.

Smith's version of the America soon fizzled out; the last significant posts occurred in August 2004, although posting on the yahoo group that Smith set up did continue sporadically until March 2005.

In the SLA, Stuart Collis moved the plot forward to the year 2295, approximately two and a half years after the plot that Smith was running. Stuart quickly rebuilt the America into one of the strongest ships in the Manheim Fleet of the SLA and won an award in the Tournament of Simulations in 2005. Stuart, acting under the name of Amanda Rose, his character on another SLA sim, also became the Fleet Captain of the SLA Manheim Fleet.

In March 2006, Stuart - unhappy with political infighting following the death of Seth Cotis - pulled the America out of the SLA. Stuart continued to command the sim until it ceased operations in August 2009.


The America was set during the Motion Picture era of the original Star Trek cast; it ignored the show Enterprise due to the numerous inaccuracies between TOS and ENT.

Much of the ship's colorful history has been lost; following the America's withdrawal from the club, the SLA deleted the archives of the America, something Stuart claimed was done "in retribution for America going independent."

Subsequent to the America's withdrawal from the SLA, the sim undertook a number of broad stories.

The first was called, "Oh, What Tangled Webs," in which the Tholians made their reappearance.

The second was called, "Et Tu, Brute?" In this mission, America followed Star Trek canon and headed to Obi VI with the famous Dr. Susan Nuress to study what later became known as the Plasma Plague. The Orions attempted to interrupt their journey and Dr. Nuress turned out to be anything but pleasant.

The third mission called, "Time and Time Again," involved a covert mission back to the American Civil War to study why the South seceded from the North as the Andorians on January 1, 2296 threatened to do. Along the way, the XO, Commander Chad Young, swapped souls/bodies with legendary General Stonewall Jackson. It also picked up a Civil War orphan, Mary McConnel, who prefers to be called Connel, who has now become a constant nuisance to O'Connor.

The fourth mission involved the America heading to the Huanni's first colony called Lemmi. Science officer, Keth Soban, the only Huanni officer in the entire Federation was promoted to Acting Chief Science Officer while Young recovered from his experience. The Huanni are similar to the Caitans except they have short attention spans and are attracted to anything shiny. It is a miracle that they ever survived to develop space travel. Their first colony's base is in trouble, as it mysteriously keeps falling apart.

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