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The USS Albion is a Star Trek role play in Independence Fleet (IDF). It is noted for using the open role playing concept and script format posting style, similar to the format of the original USS Sunfire of Utopia Fleet. The Albion name continues the tradition and legacy of IDF's USS Avalon series of sims.


The USS Albion was launched on February 16, 2021 under the command of Captain Dick Sprague with eight crewmembers:

  • Captain Dick Sprague, Commanding Officer
  • Commander Jackson Andrews, Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant Moria Hadden, Strategic Operations Officer
  • Lieutenant Sheeraashaa Genno, Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Lieutenant JG Tanya Hughes, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Ensign Mack, Science Officer
  • Ensign Robert Bull, Science Officer
  • Crewman Sol Silva, Yeoman

Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Spivick joined on the first day, and Sol Silva resigned on day three. The Albion had 108 posts in February 2021, the same total the USS Avalon had in its first month of July 2001.

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