The USS Akira is a Star Trek chat sim that serves in the Federation Sim Fleet. A Federation Intrepid Class Starship, the Akira sims on the AOL/AIM network Saturdays at 1:00 PM EST.

The USS Akira was Created by 3 People back in 

1998. CaptPerez, CmdrDuke, & CmdrTruce, aka by the FSF, FSFPerez, FSFDuke, and FSFTruce. We all started out on the Old AOL SpaceFleet Bootcamp Open sims. Thats where we Met, Along with MobeusChronax and Karen Esckar. We decided to form a Private Sim. The USS Anerion. That sim went extremely well, that we made a Name for ourselves in the Little simming world bac

k then. Other Independent sims Joined us, and we Created the Gamma Quadrant Simulations{GQS}. About a Month after GQS Started, Myself, Duke, and Truce decided we wanted to start our own ship. We Created to USS Akira. A Modified Akira Class Warship Outfitted with the Whole Shabang. lol. Within 3 months, we had a Complete crew with at least 4 members in Each Department. I was CO, Duke was XO, and Truce was the CSOPS / SO. Our missions were crazy!! But Extremely Entertaining. We used the Modified version of AIM Chat Tools(Which is no longer around. Shame on them) for the Chatroom in which all the members Downloaded a Wav File Packet so we could type things like {Red Alert} and The Red Alert Claxon would sound off on everyones computer. {Phasors} and the Phasor fireing sound would sound off etc.. This was a Major Breakthrough for the Akira cause it brought a more life like affect to the Akira and her Crew. The USS Akira was a Big Success. Full crews every Saturday @ 1300hrs EST. The Ship just continued to grow and prosper.

In 2000, GQS Merged with the FSF in which the USS Akira becam

e part of Omega Fleet, and later on moved to Gamma Fleet, and the USS Akira Legacy began, is still known today. Not many Sims can say that they started over 14 Years ago,  and are still up and running strong today.
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The UEA Sim Dedication Plaque

Keep Simming, Keep Role Playing, and the FSF Will Always remember the Name, USS Akira!!!!

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Known Hosts

  • Thomas Perez, Founder & Commanding Officer
  • Duke, Commanding Officer
  • Ryan, Commanding Officer
  • Jay Truce, Commanding Officer
  • Commander Brian O'Neil, Commanding Officer

Known Crew

  • Lieutenant Commander Orat'Aran, First Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Selar, Ops
  • Lieutenant Micheal Ward, Chief Engineer
  • Lieutenant Commander Kristin Conway, Chief of Security
  • Second Lieutenant Frank Kindling, Chief Operations Officer
  • Lt.(JG) Keith Johnson, Assistant Engineer
  • Lt.(JG) V.I.X.I.N, Assistant Chief of Security
  • Ensign Taurik'Aliock, Assistant Medical Officer
  • Ensign Marcus Quin, Assistant Engineer

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