TrekGuru[1] is a retired Star Trek simmer. She was a leading member of the Star Trek Sims (STS) club in the 1990s and helped to refine the concept of the sim master within STS.


In 1993, TrekGuru joined the USS Phoenix sim (later the USS Royal Proxima) under the command of Warin Trekker. Within the sim, Trekker employed a concept called the "enemy," essentially a position derived from the game master in Dungeons & Dragons. TrekGuru enjoyed the role of the "enemey" so much that she took the role on full time. She soon formalized the position, terming it as the "sim master." She also developed a basic set of 18 rules for the sim.

Beginning in late 1993, additional sims joined the Phoenix, forming the Star Trek Sims club. TrekGuru became responsible for overseeing the club's sim masters. In this role, she trained sim masters for each ship, and worked with them to develop plots for each ship.

In December 1996, America Online switched to unlimited billing, allowing its members unlimited online time; previously members had been limited to 5 hours (later 20 hours) of online time a month. This unleashed a period of turmoil known as the Revolution of 1997. Differences of opinions between Trekker, TrekGuru, and NFO as to how to respond to the change caused to TrekGuru and several of her supporters to leave STS in March 1997. The specific reasons for her departure were never made public.

TrekGuru and her followers quickly established a new club, Final Frontier Sims. The club simmed for approximately one year before folding, at which time TrekGuru is believed to have retired from the simming community.


  1. Unless otherwise noted, all material in this article comes from Chas Hammer. Chas was a member of STS from 1996 to 2001. The information contained in the article is derived from STS newsletters and other materials Chas has saved. A further source of information for this article comes from a series of interviews Chas conducted in 1998 with Trekker, NFO, and TrekGuru.