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~== Transformers : The War Within ==~
'Where the factions clash

Welcome to the Cybertron Archive's War Within, a Transformers RPG forum. Feel free to visit us at our homepage of and leave us feedback or even join in the RPGing!

The WarZone, as it is commonly called among the players, is located in the TCA's (The Cybertron Archive) RPGing forum section. The general WarZone section is viewable to all members of the TCA community, while the special faction designated sections can only be seen by RPG members. Each WarZone player participates with one primary character and, more often than not, various supporting secondary characters. During an "episode", players take turns posting actions and/or dialog of their characters, reaction to the other player's characters and any "surprises" thrown in by the War Mods if the episode is starting to move too slow.

While primarily based on the Generation 1 continuity, the WarZone crosses over and merges many of the Transformers universe continuities. We have Quints, mechs running around with mini-cons, humans from Transformers Animated and, recently, a character that uses Energon Stars. Historically though, the WarZone bases its timeline off of the Generation 1 universe.

Over the years, the TCA WarZone community has grown into its own independent continuity, with players creating characters that are Autobots, Decepticons, a player created faction called the ArmourCommandos (now retired), characters from the elusive Al'Tyrs (also player created) and the occasional Generation 1 cannon cameo character needed for an episode. Most of these characters have extensive background history which also tie in heavily with other WarZone characters. This makes for very interactive, cross-faction relationship, story-driven RPG episodes. Sometimes our more creative characters will even write out a story based on the WarZone universe, involving many of the RPG characters. Sometimes these go with the Zone so well that they are then taken into account for future RPGing.

The WarZone area is split into three major sections consisting of the War Within, Autobot City, and Charr War Room. A previous but now inactive section was the Fortress for the ArmourCommandos.

The War Within is where participants of any faction clash and interact in role playing and story creating. Each event or "story" is separated into "episodes" and there are usually a few weeks between episodes to allow players to interact in their own section and recover from what is usually an intense week of RPGing. Each episode is loosely based on a main plot and follow a general story arc. These are created by the group of War Moderators (also known as War Mods, or Those With The Big Stick), but sometimes players will come up with such creative story angles inside the episode that they can take a different and unplanned direction. The main goal is that everyone has fun with their characters.

The Autobot City and Charr War Room are designated Autobot and Decepticon only sections. These allow the factions to role play and weave their own tales without interference of characters belonging to other factions. On special occasions though, when story-line calls for it, some players are allowed access to both sections. For example, after one of the War Within episodes, a Decepticon player had been captured by the Autobots. He was allowed access to the Autobot section so he could role play his character through a jail break.

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