Torchwood Ten is a message board sim, located in the Starfleet Legacy Alliance.


Mid 2007, Tavey Burgon was approached by Foxy and Erika Rheyan of the SLA to train to become a host, and launch a new sim for the organization. Tavey agreed, and with her co-host Foxy, Torchwood Ten was born. Initially a Play by Email sim, TW10 moved to Message Board in December 2007.

Torchwood Ten continues to be an active and vibrant sim.

Notable achievements

The Yex

A strange species that is invisible with long cruel talons. The Torchwood Team tend to throw flour at the Yex when they are around.

This species has crossed genres and has been seen in the IRC sim USS Potemkin (SLA).

More information

More information on the sim can be found here: Torchwood Ten Wiki