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  • Hair-Ichigo style only brown(as Kakashi, Dark Master, and Berserker has white/silver hair)
  • Eyes-Grey/blue/with black spots
  • Build-Heroic swordsman type
  • Height-6.ft
  • Weight-176.Lbs

Details and identifying features

  • Has a small cross tattoo on right forearm since age 8, many scars all no longer noticeable.

Titles and nicknames

  • Cross
  • CrossWings
  • Master
  • Dark Master
  • Man with the Sharingen eye
  • Special Jonin
  • Shann's Man
  • Father
  • Hero of the Light
  • Deciple of Dias Flac
  • The Controlled Berserker
  • Ultima Weapon
  • Full Metal Man


Clothes and armor

  • As Cross/Crosswings - Wears white baggy ninja uniform with kakashi style mask(black tiger strips on blood red cloth) wears shoulder wrist and leg armor(black with gold trim) wears rune arm guard in this form.
  • As Dark Master - Wears black cloak covers the bottom half of face with cloak, with forearm and hand guards, the rest is casual dark clothes almost like Edward Elric's clothes. Wears rune arm guard in this form.
  • As a Berserker - Wears Torn black shirt and pants with small plate armors on shoulders and legs. Wears Red headband that is as long as he is tall. Wears rune arm guard but alterd in this form, becomes a gauntlet with sharp claws and immense power.
  • As Kakashi - Well you should know this.
  • As Others - Random clothes never sticking with a certain style, don't want to get bored with the way he looks. Sometimes wearing ironclad armors as a Dark Knight or when playing Hero.


  • Favorite sword is named Last Breath is a giant curved blade with the handle turned sideways like a sythe, is black and gold and best used as a projectyle as it acts like a boomerang when thrown(wields as Cross/Crosswings),
  • Also wields 2 great swords of darkness in which he obtained from joining the evil entity(Wields as Dark Master and other evil personas).
  • Berserker and Ultima Weapon exclusive Weapon is a giant claymore named either Atma/Ultima/Omega Blade engraved with magical runes allowing Berserker to alter the element of the weapon.
  • Berserker also has a Deadly guantlet capable of crumbling mountains with a single touch.
  • Primary weapon he wields in all other forms is a 68-inch black blade with a black chain connected to the handle(is identicle to Ichigos Bankai but is as long as the Masamune)


  • Has a locket with a picture of his love Shann in it, Wears a Rune armband on his left arm.



Is the silent type, minds his own business, but if you get him talking he never stops, likes attention but never shows it. Also likes to play pranks on people and jokes around a lot. Is very kind to everyone. Will kill anyone who he catches doing the wrong thing.


  • His children and soon to be wife Shann, Training, Corn, Pocky, Pasta, oh no, oh yea coolaide, Tea, Training others, Anime.

Catch phrases

  • (when someone is unafraid of me, I say) I WILL TEACH YOU TO FEAR ME.
  • Believe It
  • Its my nindo my nintendo way.
  • Love equals power and power leads to insanity.
  • Never give up hope(sounds awesome when raiden says it in mortal kombat annilation)
  • Kill me if you think your strong enough to overpower my suffering.(as berserker)


  • Womanizers(except Jiraiya and Miroku)
  • Roleplayers that don't have their facts straight.
  • People who make too much special abilities for themselves are immature, and think they have a right to be called the best. Seriously pick 1 special rare ability then work with it, and regular common abilities to make yourself great, and legendary. Too much flashy abilities is just cheap, and not fun for everyone else they cosplay with, so give it up, even supersaiyans have their limits, you should too lol.


Marital Status

Is in love with Shann who is currently in Konoha Village. Has many children with her, is gonna marry her when he sees her again.


  • Me, Shann, and our kids- Ruby, Saphire, Zangetsu, Cherry, Samanosuke, Misa(doesn't know her middle and last name so she goes by Misa Misa Misa)

Skills and weaknesses

Physical strengths

Has mastery with blades, is able to wield any size sword as if it is weightless. Is also a berserker meaning that no matter how much damage he takes, he will keep fighting until he is killed. The more damage he takes the stronger and more powerful he gets.

Skills and education

Was trained by Dias Flac the greatest swordsman to ever exist, Learned the powerful Air Slash(Kuu Ha Zan) and Fire Bird Shockwave(Hou Kou Ha), Is more skilled with the log substitution then any other shinobi. On rare occasion he uses his power of time and space travel to save peoples lives, but is un aware of how he does it. Has the ability to create multiple physical clones by combining shadowclone jutsu with crest magic he learned from Expel, this jutsu is renamed DNA clone jutsu. Hides most of the abilities he gained from his past like his Final Sharingen.


Cannot fight girls, also weak against persuasion to the dark side. or the Narf side.



Tommy was born in Zanarkand where he played blitz ball for 7 years, his father abandoned him and his mother when he was young. He found himself traveling between worlds constantly, such as the planets Expel, Energy Nede, Mobius, Arcadia, Terra, Gaia, Vegeta, Namek, and X Earth. Learning many things about the universe, and experiencing many battles. After Tommy left Zanarkand he was teleported to the world of Naruto. There he lived many many years as Kakashi Hatake. After the great fight in which Kakashi was killed, just beofre Tommy took his last breath he was teleported again to another world and given new life. In this new world he met many interesting species of human high breeds. They were Nedians and Expellans. Expellans were very human like and excelled in the ways of the sword. Nedians used mystical powers for healing and destruction. Tommy now going by the name of Cross, Masterd the way of the sword from a man named Dias Flac. Eventually Tommy formed a team and fought against a developing evil on the planet expel. This evil was a source of 10 very powerful Nedians known as the 10 wise men. The 10 wise men envoked the crest of annilation and destroyed the planet expel, however Tommy managed to use his powers to follow the 10 wise men to their home planet, Energy Nede. Eventually Tommy and his team deafeated the 10 wise men and reversed the power of the crest of annilation, thus bringing the planet expel back from destruction. However doing so sent Tommy to yet another planet and dimension. There he went insane and joined the powers of darkness and tried to destroy the planet Arcadia. Then he was known as Dark Master. He got the name Dark Master when he was persuaded by a dark lord promising him the strongest dark sword in existence, He did indeed obtain this sword(his ichigo Bankai) but was defeated by a hero wielding a greater sword of light. After the defeat Tommy gave up his ways of evil and found himself teleported again and again. Eventually Tommy went to the planet Earth. Earth was a boaring place to live but was very relaxing for him. On earth everything changed for Tommy.


After about 6 years of a peaceful life on Earth. Tommy met a girl named Shann at a book store, he didn't realize it at first, but he eventually fell in love with Shann. They cosplayed together while Tommy kept his true identity and past a secret from her as he feared she wouldn't believe him, and also fearing that his power would take her away from him. So Tommy tried to forget about his powers and past life. Tommy and Shann had 5 kids together and were soon to get married. Then 1 day Shann was walking with Tommy when out of nowhere a truck almost splattered Shann into pieces. Quickly Tommy tried to save Shann but knew he couldn't get to her in time, then his powers activated transporting Shann to another world, Tommy didn't know that world was the world of Naruto, but he blamed himself for he thought it was his teleporting powers that did it. Eventually Tommy was again teleported to another world, where he Vowed to become even stronger, and 1 day find Shann and marry her, and return to Earth and live happily ever after.

Current status

Is now on a planet in the Naruto universe. Goes by the name Cross(aka Crosswings) Tommy feels that his beloved Shann is on a nearby planet and he now ventures to find a space craft that can carry him to her. He races to enemy strongholds which have high tech machines hoping to find a space craft among 1 of them. However the enemies are great in number and is challenging for Tommy to defeat them. Tommy fears that he will be teleported again to another dimension before he finds a space craft so he fights with all his strength never stopping to rest, no matter how many timed he is injured he continues on fighting for the only thing that matters to him. Just recently Tommy manages to travel to planet Naruto where he rescues Shann who was prisoner of the Akatsuke. The akatsuke found out that Shann had the ninetails and were going to take it and her soul. Well after Tommy rescued Shann they talked and Tommy explained to Shann about his time powers and who he really was. He told her that he was Kakashi and that no matter what she couldn't tell Kakashi anything about who Tommy her beloved really was. Shann was surprised and didn't believe the story at first. Eventually she did but then Tommy started to fade into yet another Dimension telling Shann that he will learn his power and see her again. Tommy is now on an unknown planet and Shann continues her journey to try to get home on her own, but its hard for her to be around Kakashi because now she knows its really Tommy and she cant tell him the truth fearing that it will alter time, and prevent her from having children, and meeting Tommy on Earth.

Tommy ends up on a badass planet in a land called Lodoss. Here Tommy decides to use his DNA clone jutsu and creates 2 clones. In hopes of learning things about this world faster this way, something goes horribly wrong. From years of not using the technique he messes up 1 of the 201 handsigns. As a result, his mind, memories, abilities, and chakra are split 3 ways. There was now 3 Tommys, none of them knew who they were at first and split up, they went different ways and for years have not see each other again. 1 of the Tommys attained the powers of Sharingen, Jutsu, and the Airslash. This Tommy went by the name Cross(Crosswings) and was good. The second Tommy ended up with all the evil and powers of darkness. Dark Master was reborn and purged part of lodoss into darkness and slavery. The third Tommy ended up with the neutral feelings as well as the loss of love he longed for, he became confused and emotional. This form of Tommy attained the soul of the Berserker as well as the Firebird Shockwave. The persona Cross saves the world from wars and chaos. Dark Master(DM) creates war and chaos. Berserker fights either side depending on who offends him more at the time. Tommy struggles against himself, and the world of Lodoss is in peril. Will Tommy ever come back together or will he end up killing part of himself. Will Shann ever get him back again or will Shann be the one to save him. I don't know yet gotta think more on this lol come back for more hope you enjoyed this.


  • Name: Tommy
  • Roleplay Wiki Name: shanns kids