Tom Ryder-Morgan-Farr (also Kurtis D. Levenham) is a former Star Trek simmer.


Siren Fleet

Tom was the Commander-in-Chief of Siren Fleet, serving in that position throughout the club's existence (2004 to ca 2010).

Simming League

Tom represented Siren Fleet in the Simming League and served as the final President of the Simming League from September 2006 to February 2007. During his Presidency, he helped abolish the political structure of the League, instead replacing it with an Administrator system where those who helped provide League services and events were charged with running the League. He ultimately tendered his registration from the League as a result of a disagreement in the management of the Simming League, but continued to support the League, its goals, and day to day management.


Tom believed that without the unity of public sims and overall standards, minus the political conflicts of bureaucracy, the public simming community at large shall remain a declining environment.