Tigra T Tigress was an avid Star Trek simmer and Simming Prize Laureate. During her decades long career she has served in numerous clubs, including Seventh Fleet, Tango Fleet, and Sixth Fleet. She was a member of the first documented Star Trek sim, the USS Oberth, and helped establish one of the first sim clubs, Spacefleet Online. She ran her own club, the Continuum Online, during the mid 1990s. During 2011-2013 she was active with Ongoing Worlds.

Tigra died on the 18th of May 2014.

Simming career


The person known as Tigra started her simming career in the mid 1980s as a subscriber and eventually writer for a number of fanzines, in that time, she played several different characters and almost every position for a standard Starfleet ship.

After a few years of playing through the fanzines, Tigra developed a few friends who she kept in touch with using a commodore 64 on the old Internet service known as Quantum Link (Q-Link). One of these friends suggested taking the game environment of the fanzines and at least trying to play online.

USS Oberth

In March 1987, the discussion to play online was full blown, at the time, there were nine people who were interested and were discussing the idea. After back and forth conversation and planning, the number was reduced to seven players. They decided to name the ship that they were going to be using the USS Oberth after the class of ship the USS Grissom was in the Star Trek movies. Tigra Tigress was one of these seven players.

The first mission for the USS Oberth was held in April of that same year, while Tigra and the other six players knew there were things they could fix, they also knew that their experiment was not a failure and they started discussions for a second mission, this one eventually held in July and included three new players in addition to the returning seven from the first mission, the seven original players seeing their numbers grow named the group of originals the Oberth Seven. In this mission Tigra learned that her weakness in playing was the Science and Medical departments. Even with summer being in full force, the Oberth Seven saw the changes they put into play work.

In the start of the fall television season came a new show, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and with it came another ten new players for what was planned to be the third mission for the Oberth. Tigra ran the security department for that mission with two officers under her. At the same time, the Oberth Seven discussed what to do with the large crew and the new show. The decision was to close the Oberth and replace it with two new games.

USS Avalon

The USS Avalon was one of two games that rose from the minds of the former Oberth crew, on it was the ideas of expanding how simming was to play out, and one of the founding crew members was Tigra Tigress as the Lieutenant Commander who was the Chief Navigations Officer (latter renamed Chief CONN Officer). While at first she was resentful over being a founder and having a new player selected as the Executive Officer, she and the XO became close friends.

USS Brooklyn

While Tigra was serving on the Avalon, her commanding officer with the help of other commanding officers from the five other games that developed worked to surprise Tigra with the creation of her own command, the USS Brooklyn, a game they gave her on Sepember 20, 1988. As a game, the Brooklyn became known as the one offering the most diverse missions thanks in part to Tigra having played almost every department there was between the fanzine era, Oberth and Avalon. Tigra Tigress though was not comfortable at the time commanding her own game and eventually within the months that followed worked out an arrangement with the commanding officers of the USS Pegasus and USS Galaxy where her crew were to go to the Pegasus and she and her XO went to the Galaxy.

USS Galaxy

On New Year's Day, 1989, Tigra Tigress joined the crew of the USS Galaxy as the Executive Officer. As with the Oberth before her, the Galaxy was named for the lead ship of the Galaxy Class. The plan was as happened, Tigra build the confidence to lead by serving as the XO under the oldest player from the Oberth Seven and then take over the game in July as he was going to retire.

December of that same year though, the original commanding officer came back and he wanted his game back. In an event that almost split the Oberth Seven, Tigra fought for her command, with the backing of four members of the Oberth Seven, Tigra Tigress held a vote to her crew, if the vote was in her favor she will remain in command but under her own ship name and those who wanted to were allowed to stay with the old CO.

USS Omni

On December 28, 1989, Tigra Tigress held the first sim for the USS Omni. Originally planned to be the typically style game for the time, the plan changed into being the first game that was play by email instead. The plan was to be different than the USS Brooklyn as much as possible especially since the games CO and XO were the same. Soon after the official start of the game though came the first of several notices that Q-Link was closing. While most of the other members of The Oberth Seven moved to The Prodigy network, Tigra felt it was best to move to America Online.

Move to AOL

At the time of the move, the USS Omni was the only ply by email game that moved to AOL. After gathering the established crew members from the Omni, noticing the disarray that was the moved fleet, Tigra decided to change the game back to the older style of chat format to allow other players who were now without ships to join the game.

To Tigra this change in the Omni's game format was in truth a dissolving of the original USS Omni and a creation of a new game. As such she went out and changed the class of ship from the Nebula class of the original game to that of the Excelsior Class since even though there was knowledge that some of the older classes were still in service, no game on AOL was using them at the time.

Reformation of Starfleet Online

As games started to become stable again after the move from Q-Link, the fleet that had become known as Spacefleet Online started to reform. At first, the decision was to have one overall commander but when that idea was proposed to Tigra she rejected in in favor of a proposal to make a democracy leadership. In the end though one leader did take command of the fleet, and it laid the seeds for discomfort in Tigra.

Online Gaming Forum Leader

Eventually AOL took over control of Spacefleet Online and it became a rule that all gaming hosts must be leaders in the community, as such game hosts had the letters OGF attached to their names as well as additional hours of online time so they could run not only their games but the fleet. Tigra used her additional time to serve as a moderator and mentor to many young promising players, as well as to create and serve as the editor to a simming news letter the CommLink.

Experimenting For the First Time

In 1992, Tigra lead an experiment known as the USS Experiment to see if simming was possible on the GEnie service, after leading the USS Experiment for two missions without any successful recruitment, Tigra closed the game and ended her use on the service.

Creating a New Home

Especially with the take over of Spacefleet Online from the players by AOL, along with the complexities that went with the take over, many players decided to move away from Spacefleet Online and work on creating new fleets. In January 1995, Tigra Tigress and a number of other players created Continuum Online a fleet which held the democracy ideals that Tigra wanted when they moved from Q-Link, and the Omni served as the first flagship for this fleet.

Seventh Fleet and Tango Fleet

With Tigra as the leader of Continuum Online, as a birthday gift, some of her assistants got together and collected other former Spacefleet Online games put together in another fleet name, Seventh Fleet with the intention to merge them with Continuum Online on Tigra's birthday. As soon as Tigra discovered the plan, she vetoed it and kept it as a separate fleet, she did though play in one game and assisted that game when it moved off to become another fleet of its own, Tango Fleet.

First Retirement

As the creation of Tango Fleet took up a lot of Tigra's time, she eventually moved away from that fleet, only to watch it start failing without her. Since she was feeling slightly burned out also, she retired from simming and watched Continuum Online close from a distance, but see Tango Fleet succeed.

Eventually Tigra felt refreshed and wanted to play again, but didn't want the responsibility of command at first.

The Marni Years

Looking to come back to simming, without wanting the pressure of a high rank, Tigra Tigress decided to hide in plan sight, creating a new simming identity one that while not a stranger to simming would be to the fleet known as Tango Fleet, that identity became known as Marni Kate Stein (although she would change her last name a few times while in that identity).

Being an unknown, she went through the Tango Fleet Academy and then was an ensign after graduation. She worked her way up and eventually held the rank of commander again, staying with the majority of the Tango Fleet group as it spun off and became Sixth Fleet.

Major Experiments

As new technology and websites started to develop, Tigra decided to attempt to expand the simming world, with the first of the new attempts was the game USS Experiment a game that lasted for a little over a year and while successful at gathering semi-retired players for short stints did not gather new players.

About a month or two later, Tigra began development of another experimental game, this one focused on the Twitter service. USS Experiment was a challenge on how to make playing fun in the styles of both a mixed live game and PBeM, rather quickly Tigra noticed that it was a failure and closed it, especially with the Facebook experiment being slightly more successful.

After feeling slightly disappointed with both failures, Tigra focused her energy on standard simming.

Return of the Tigress

In 2011, Tigra Tigress came out of hiding and started working with the Simming League as an assistant to its founder and creator, Chas Hammer. Shortly thereafter, Tigra retired from active simming again but kept a role in the overall simming community.

A New Generation Born

In May 2013, after Tigra's real life and in character daughter gave birth to Tigra's first grandchild, her daughter decided to return to simming. This quickly lead to Tigra deciding to return to playing and as such with the assistance of her daughter has decided to yet again rise from the ashes and return to playing, this time as part of a mother-daughter combination team providing possibly the only thus far two generation simming family.

Final Retirement

On September 10, 2013, after weeks of considering Tigra Tigress publicly announces her retirement from the simming community. Not wanting to just silently disappear, Tigra sends a message to close to a dozen community leaders stating her retirement latest retirement and requesting that it be publicly posted for the entire community to see. With this she brings about an end to her 26 years in simming, knowing that her legacy will be preserved with the continuation of simming.

Final Activities

In May 2014 Tigra participated in the 2014 SciWorld Online Convention with her daughter Jessica and her friend Andrew, bringing the simming community full circle by allowing many younger players to actively discuss topics with one of the oldest players around. Later on in the same month, on May 18, Tigra was tragically and suddenly taken from the community that she felt responsible for assisting to build, when she passed away. She left a document with her daughter for the community that she called her Tigra Tigress Last Simming Will and Testament.


Tigra T Tigress

Tigra T Tigress:

  • September 1988 - December 1988: Commanding Officer, USS Brooklyn (Starfleet Online Q-Link)

Tigra T Tigress:

  • January 1989 - July 1989: Executive Officer, USS Galaxy (Starfleet Online Q-Link)

Tigra T Tigress:

  • July 1989 - December 1989: Commanding Officer, USS Galaxy (Starfleet Online Q-Link)

Tigra T Tigress:

  • December 1989 - May 1997: Commanding Officer, USS Omni (Starfleet Online Q-Link, Spacefleet Online, Continuum Online)

Tigra T Tigress:

  • May 2013 – Present: Chief Operations Officer, USS Axanar (Sixth Fleet)


  • March 1987 – Present: Founding Member (Oberth Seven)
  • January 1995 - June 1997: Fleet Admiral (Continuum Online)


  • October 1993 - April 1995: Editor in Chief (CommLink)
  • May 1995 - May 1997: Editor in Chief (Communique)
  • December 2010 - March 2012: Board of Trustees (Simming League)
  • December 2011 - March 2013: Board of Trustees (Ongoing Worlds)



  • May 1992 - May 1995: Academy Instructor, Spacefleet Online Academy (Spacefleet Online)
  • July 1995 - June 1997: Academy Instructor, Starfleet Academy (Continuum Online)
  • ? - ?: Marine Platoon Commander, USS Hyperion (Tango Fleet)
  • ? - ? 2009: Assistant Marine Company Commander, Outpost G-12 (Tango Fleet/Sixth Fleet)
  • ? 2009 - July 2009: Deputy Commander in Chief, Starfleet Command (Sixth Fleet)


  • ? - ?: Chief Intelligence Officer, SWORD 7 (Sixth Fleet)


  • ? - ?: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Defiant (Continuum Online)
  • ? - ?: Chief Tactical Officer, USS Pranto (Seventh Fleet)
  • ? - ?: Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Bismark (Sixth Fleet)
  • ? - ?: Chief Operations Officer, USS Avalon (Sixth Fleet)
  • ? - ?: Chief CONN Officer, USS Avalon (Sixth Fleet)


  • ? 1992 - May 1992: Commanding Officer, USS Experiment (GEnie)
  • ? 2009 - June 2009: Commanding Officer,USS Experiment (Facebook)
  • May 2008 - June 2009: Commanding Officer,USS Experiment (Twitter)
  • ? - ?: Executive Officer, USS Cambrian (Sixth Fleet)


  • ? - ? Special Services Officer (Sixth Fleet)
  • ? - ? Director of Fleet Public Relations (Sixth Fleet)


As a member of the Oberth Seven, the thought of a legacy is visual in regard to being able to watch and see a vibrant community of simming. If not for crazy people such as the Tigress it is possible that none of this would have ever came into being. 

Simply put to quote someone whom Tigra grew to consider a great friend, Chas Hammer, "The world has moved on, but you helped bring to life a million dreams.  We will always be in your debt."


  • "I'm not drunk, I've just been drinking for hours."
  • "Commanding is when you run around and act like your [SIC] in charge, leading is when you take the issues and solve them!"