The Thyćc Åss is an abbreviation for Thyćcovio Assertivo which comes from the ancient tribe that the king of the Judes used to rule. It is without saying that this tribe had been hold secret for houndred of millennia before ever being heard of. This is because the Thyćc Åss tribe were ordered a mission by the seventh Divnity of TerraNova, the God Thibuttus, spreader of diseases and devourer of the living (Which eventually fails his divine status in 99754 AD as he had to face the humongous Big Bertha the first, a creation of the first Divinity himself, Peosoan Ale,God of the winds and foolery and also Ruler of the Gods). The mission consisted in remaining concealed and watching over the TerraNova as long as the "Divine Cleanse" was ongoing. Thus, in order to reward the Thyćc Åss tribe were attributed immortality but also godly powers in exchange of their unborn children. A Thyćc Åss can shapeshift as he pleases and his original form is therefor unknown expect for their brownish colour, which only the most experienced can hide. A particularity is that whatever they shapeshift in, they tend to change the size of some parts of the body for their own convenience. They mostly enchance the buttocks and of their form because of their ability to block projectiles. Thyćc Åss are not to be underestimated, their predilection weapon are the giant mauls or clubs they tend to enhance with divine blessing because of their immense strength. They also regenerate from their wounds faster than they can be dealt which means they can only be destroyed at once which is not an easy task because their vitality increases Pi times a day. They can also use their hair as deadly weapons that rip everything apart in a zone of 1mile around them and steal their victims´ powers. They love salt in whatever form it is and are considered as having low social skills because of their passive aura that takes life 150 feet around them when they sneeze or flatulate.