Thomas Sahm, or simply called Thomas in UCIP, is a long time member of UCIP.  He currently serves as the President of UCIP after winning over 90% of the votes cast in the last UCIP election (July 2015).

Thomas' UCIP History

  • Commanding Officer IRW Aylhr (wins UCIP top sim prize 2004)
  • Commanding Officer USS Warrior (wins UCIP top sim prize 2006)
  • Commanding Officer USS Charon (wins UCIP top sim prize 2009)
  • Division Commander Romulan Star Empire 2002-2005
  • Fleet Commander Zeta Sub Fleet 2005
  • Fleet Commander Alpha Fleet 2009
  • Chief of Fleet Operations 2014-2015
  • Commanding Officer USS Crazy Horse (Present)
  • President, UCIP (Present)

Thomas' Characters

  • Commodore Khiy Kanryth (Commanding Officer USS Crazy Horse)
  • Ret. Admiral Jolias Enor (President of the United Federation of Planets)
  • Galae'EnRiov Shiarrael i'Nn'verih t'Rehu (Highest Commander, Imperial Romulan Navy)