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"All we do is to get past the legacy of being bound by soul to false gods who used mud to give birth to us. As we speak, humankind is letting the whole reality rot as their selfishness tend to destroy everything." - Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi

"Some years before, men tried to mess with the balance between the forces of life and death. The result, as we speak, was nothing but sheer destruction." - Napoleon Bonaparte, mentioning the 1755 Earthquake on Lisbon

"I could use this power for my greater benefit. But I also could use this power for the benefit of others. Anyways, I decided to let go of everything I have done this far. It's a force far too strong to handle." - Nikola Tesla

The "Transcendence Project" is an ambitious program created since ancient times to make humanity "transcend" itself, either by breaking the laws of thermodynamics, or else by magic. It is based on the concept of Humans - an imperfect, flawed race, according to the people involved through it - trying to be more like their ancient astronaut ancestors, the "Exiled Ones", robotic dragon and bird-like creatures with metallic bodies and psychic powers. It is said that the Exiled Ones also created giant beasts who would be later known as the Dragon Gods.

Before the dawn of Mankind

A massive fleet of strange golden flying objects came from another place in time and space, possibly a decaying reality, known as the "Exiled Ones" or the "Alpha Civilization". With the arrival of the Exiled Ones, the technology they used would eventually be halted and the constant contact with the existing dinosaurs - The fleet of the Exiled ones came before the fragmentation of Pangaea continent.

The Exiled Ones often used a strange glowing mineral called Gem'el - large crystals that emanated a powerful aura. By using Gem'el, any affected by the aura soon developed psychic powers and the ability to communicate with each other via neural waves emitted in the air.

The overabundance of Oxygen, at that time an unknown element to the Exiled Ones, further improved the power of Gem'el that was already strong at that time thanks to the ability to convert solar radiation into energy. The Gem'el caused mutations on the strange creatures that inhabited Earth on that time - the result was that Dinosaurs have started to be created and eventually they would be the dominant species.

During the time which the Exiled Ones stood on Earth, Dinosaurs ran rampant and started attacking the structures they built, and the constant damage and malfunction of said structures would soon give a nasty side-effect: Pollution. Soon the pollution would block the sunlight, weakening the Gem'el and turning them useless. Without the power, the Ancient Astronauts perished and soon did the Dinosaurs.