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The Shield of Bronok is the medieval Forum-Based RPG on forumaker. It takes place on a fictional continent, Yagzear, in the medieval ages, based on a less stereotypical fantasy realm. A young warrior, Arkan, is chosen by the Order Priests to quest across Yagzear to find the mythical Shield of Bronok. According to legend, The Shield was blessed by the gods and given to the First King, Bronok, in order to defend his kingdom. Naturally, when news of the shield's existence spread, other people start questing to find the shield. Some even hire assassins to kill Arkan and others to eliminate the competition. Arkan is accompanied by adventurers who are on his side, either devoted to help him or chosen by other priests. Arkan must brave more than he can imagine in order to fulfill prophecy and return home.


Light Faction


Arkan 1

Arkan after acquiring The Armor of Bronok

Arkan is a young warrior who is the captain of guard for his hometown of Chestershire. He was born into a poor family, his father having spent all the money in taverns. Arkan's mother died when he was young and his father kicked him out to the streets, having already to feed his own mouth. An elderly knight, Sir Favelik of Archenshire, took in Arkan and trained him in the art of swordplay. Arkan became a hardy and talented swordsman. He was later recruited as a guard and quickly promoted to captain. Years later, he was promoted to Champion of Chestershire and the King's personal bodyguard. When he is tasked to find the Shield, he thinks about this carefully, but he then realizes that, if others with evil intentions were to get the shield, the world would be in danger. So, he and his allies rush to find the Shield before anybody else lest the world crumbles in the hands of an evil mastermind.



Salvent, the Elder Mage