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The Dark Cometh
is an all original sim on Phoenix Roleplaying created by RavenSkycatcher and Brandon L. The game revolves around nine gifted individuals who come together to battle the coming Dark and the Four Horsemen.

It has spun off two other games -CANIS UK and CANIS Pacifica, in addition to breaking the all-time activity record at Phoenix.


A super powered sim set in the near future. For the past twenty years, the Four Horsemen have infiltrated society and have taken over mass conglomerations, media and the like, to position the world for the Darkness. For hundreds of years, a secret organization, known only as CANIS, has tracked down and trained gifted humans from across the globe to help combat the coming Darkness. But all Hell is about to break loose.


TDC won the 2013 Tournament of Simulations for Best Adventure/Fantasy Sim.

2013 Phoenix Roleplaying Sim of the Year Award

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