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SIM History

TeslaStation is a Star Trek based Play By Post SIM that started life in Obsidian Fleet on 5 August 2007 as USS Galileo. In December of 2008, Galileo's crew moved onto Tesla Station. On 12 September 2009 Tesla left the fleet. Immediately, it began a new life as a fully independent SIM and continues to grow and expand the writing community of imaginative, creative, mature role players.

Nearly three years and going strong, the Tesla community affords the SIMmer as much or as little participation as they need to fulfill their writing goals. Some members enjoy the technical aspect of the community by world building, while others enjoy the civilian aspects of the SIM as well as the alternate lifestyles portrayed there.

The cast of Tesla Station is currently in a multi-mission multi-year meta-plot arc entitled Shadowlands. In part it entails the worldbuilding that the writers of Tesla have been creating in their fictional sector, specifically their solar system PG1159 which encircles a binary star. The writers continue to explore the race, Akkadians (a Tesla Original Race). The planetary tech has been retro-engineered their from warp to clean steam. Akkadians and other new opportunities for role play in a Star Trek come Steampunk universe make up Tesla's playing field.

The Skunkworks on Tesla allows the creative t(r)ekkies to build and enhance and perhaps fail at times at new inventions. This Skunkworks plus the Akkadians completes the background for the writers to place their characters in, giving them opportunity for multiple plot arcs under the overarching meta-arc.

Sub-arcs abound, the Cartel, the Romulans, the Arcology in PH1159 (the Pilgrim Nebula) and many many personal plots give the energetic writer a plethora of material to choose from.

Fictional History

In 2384 USS Galileo began her maiden voyage under the command of Commander Diana Stark and Lieutenant Commander Jenaria Leick. She launched from Starbase 67. Her mission was to explore and map a previously un-charted sector of Alpha Quadrant, Sector 2178.22 to begin survey and catalog of the sector. As per Starfleet Survey Methodology, catalog System A.a.1 with regard to regulations. Prime directive was to be observed. Starfleet expected reports on initial findings in one week from arrival in the sector.

The planet Makka was their first stop. Two "races" existed on it, the Rjubalin and the Slazjuni. An anomaly was discovered. The science team determined that the array that was built on the surface was not made of materials that could have easily been made by this race having only just begun their nuclear age. They had not yet managed to breech the sound barrier let alone their atmosphere. The planet was in civil war. While on the planet, several of the Galileo's AT were captured by the Slazjuni. During the interrogations by the Slazjuni a Galileo officer, ch'Thrysou was tortured and very nearly murdered in cold blood. Because of a malfunction of the experimental sensor equipment which in Stark's words "Now the Hawkeye monstrosity I'm experimenting with makes Galileo looks like a giant Cyclops on steroids and when it's actually working gives me amazing sensor capabilities." prevented them from locating the team via conventional methodologies. It then became a primary mission for the Galileo to save the Away Team. From Captain Stark's final report of the mission:

I may have acted inappropriately in removing him and his captor by transporter beam. However, the action saved the life of the lieutenant which I feel justifies it. We then kept the officer in a transporter buffer while we quickly manufactured a holodeck environment that was, to the best ability of Lt JG Adma R'Trel, an exact replica of the room that Lt JG ch'Thrysou was being waterboarded in by memory of Ensign Radcliffe and the readings from the retrieved tricorder in that room.

Our Counselor, with use of an ancient mythological tale of Makka, attempted to counsel and reform the captor but he was unrepentant. We returned him to his previous location without his knowledge of being moved or ever having been on a starship.

Our final act was to show the Rjrubalin and Slazjuni the results of genocide and continued civil unrest. We also let them know under no uncertain terms, that it was in their best interest to never use that array again. The next time could be fatal to their world if they contacted a far less understanding group. I believe they understood at least that part.

War is a dispicable thing. But I have always believed that when a sentient race has advanced, it is not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature. A wise explorer that I may or may not be related to, Freya Stark, once said, "Curiosity is the one thing invincible in nature." I hope these people foster that playful side of themselves and learn from this lesson.

The tale continues: Tuffets

Following their mission. Captain Stark and the crew located a suitable planet for a camp out and "shore leave" but ... it was not as simple as that. With no more indigenous life forms than some insects and birds, the planet was covered in various fungi of enormous proportions. Including a nearly invisible one beneath their campsite. When, after a little morning sprinkle, the fungi began to release the spores, the entire crew (except those left to monitor the ship under the watchful eye of Commander Kitrin Apeiron, the CMO)the crew awoke unsuspectingly to having been drugged by a planet. While those on the ground had extraordinary experiences with rainbows in their habitats and other hallucinations, Apeiron and the botanist on board, Dr. Horovitz, isolated the culprit to 'Basidiomycota' which was producing Psilocybin in the atmosphere which was, in Doctor Horovitz's words causing their "psychedelic trip through the mushroom patch."

Sphenis: It's all about the hats

The crew was then diverted to a mission to meet with the Sphenis. They'd recently uncovered disturbing archeological evidence. The Spenis, a race evolved from sphenis (penguins) wore fabulous hats and tons of tartan.The mission was thwarted however by some one or some thing which not only stole the archeological finds but also blew up a ship that was to pursue them, leaving the Galileo in a wake of debris and unable to investigate. A failed mission.

Tallships and Deception

Captain Stark receives orders to leave her mapping once again behind and head to the Paulinus Sector to aid a crew of scientists at an orbiting science station.

The station is observing a pre-industrial era planet, Cestagne, in what would appear to be an era akin to the era of exploration. Large masted vessels sail the seas manned by navys and merchants as well as bucaneers hired by sly nation leaders to hide their double dealing in the spice trades. A scientist from among their group was sent to collect data and samples and has not been heard from orther than his parting words of, "It's a simpler life... Oh! I long for the sea" before what sounded like his tossing his communicator into the drink -- there was a distinct splash. We are to attempt locating this errant scientist and bring him back to justice before he contaminates the development of this humanoid species.

This time, the crew discovers an indigenous merfolk race of Cestagne that had not been reported to Starfleet... Yes, merfolk. Don't laugh. While the crew searches for Dr. Bugler, they find more and more evidence that it is not indeed a situation that it appears on the surface. The further they delve, the more suspicious they become of Dr. Vistrilion, the head of research at the orbiting science station. After a long... long... mission, one in which the crew's barkeep, Sally, is sent to spy and shows prowess with a frying pan; pirates kidnap part of the away team; and the other part is taken by the empathic undersea indigenous life, the mystery is unravelled. The Galileo's crew eventually discovered that Vistrilion was experimenting on these undersea creatures and it was Bugler who, by creating the need for Starfleet to come, created the opportunity for him to be exposed. Did we mention pirates? Yo, Ho!


Captain Stark and the crew of USS Galileo, on the heels of their successful mission to Cestagne (for the most part) head to the Kelis System to the planet Zaeuc for some well deserved R&R at Magnolia City.

The city exists in the clouds in a layer between the atmosphere and the developing planet below. The low G atmosphere of this planet and the cloud city itself presented the perfect opportunity for the crew to get that much needed rest.

It is there that Captain Stark receives orders to take command of Tesla Station. Discovering and enjoying their starbase, new friends join them while old depart for other assignments. It is a time for the crew to wind their way through the maze of self discovery. Wherein the crew meet the Akkadians and discover the perils of living so close to the Triangle.

The Federation lights up the corners of the universe yet when one shines a bright light it leaves the an equally powerful shadow.

What lurks in the shadows of the empire?

The inhabitants of the sector, close both to the Romulans and the Klingons, will continue to discover what is hiding in their Shadowlands.

and it continues

Current Mission: What could possibly happen next? What could top blowing a drive through in your station in the first week of getting it?

Tesla is a battleground. After the Federation's call for Stark to "stand down" and allow the Akkadian arcology to blow up, and Stark's subsequent disobeying of the order, sector commander Commodore Makiko Furyama comes to Tesla to take over the station and oversee the courts martial of Captain Stark.

"Not chaos-like together crushed and bruised, But as the world, harmoniously confused, Where order in variety we see, And where, though all things differ, all agree” 'Alexander Pope'

The nebula business is not over as the Akkadians claim to the Pilgrim Heart Nebula begins another legal battle. And in the shadows the sleeping enemy strikes while Tesla's crew are otherwise... being engaged. Is the current chaos the result of the machinations of a greater enemy? Will they see the order in the chaos before they are crushed?

Current Command Team

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