Tavey Burgon
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NameTavey Burgon
LocationMiddle of the Rocky Mountains.
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Starfleet Legacy Alliance
PositionPersonnel Chair ('09—'10)
Council Moderator ('10—'13)
Participated inBabylon 5: Trinidad Station
Torchwood Ten
The Monarch
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Tavey Burgon is a dedicated simmer and writer of 'simmage'. In her real life, she is also a writer (of books), a stagehand and an addictions and mental health worker. She's worked on several Broadway musicals, and for some of the top rock bands in the world.

Simming history

Tavey is a long time friend of Foxy, who convinced her to join the Starfleet Legacy Alliance in 2006. Lured by the possibility of writing with other creative minds, Tavey jumped in with both feet, and was soon writing an integral character in Babylon 5: Trinidad Station. She played the outspoken Shell Danza while there and was a regular writer until the sim retired.

In 2007, Foxy and Tavey launched the message board sim Torchwood Ten. Together they co-host the sim at Ten Forward, the SLA's message board site. Torchwood Ten was one of the first Torchwood sims, and continues to be active to the current day. Tavey plays the mercurial Derowen MacFie, a woman with an alien artifact embedded within her, and one of the few people to ever make it into the hidden Torchwood Four and back out again alive. The two hosts of this sim have always been excellent friends in real life as well as online, in a friendship spanning decades.

By 2009, Tavey was involved with a number of sims, which she realized was taking up too much of her time. She cut back until she was at a comfortable level, and has remained active in those few ever since. Also in 2009, she took over command of The Monarch, a message board sim loosely based on the movie Serenity. One of the SLA's older sims, this too has continued to be active.

Tavey served as the SLA's Personnel Chair from 2009 - 2010, taking over from Erica Rheyan, when she became ill. Tavey found this to be a challenge and accepted the responsibility willingly. Over time, she took on more of the work of the Council, as needed. When Warp retired in 2010, she took on that responsibility as well.

Tavey served as the Council Moderator for the SLA from January 2010 until November 2013, though had been working quietly in the position for some time previous to the official hand over. She was heard to comment on more than one occasion that she only took the gig because nobody else was stupid enough to take it on, and there needed to be someone doing the work.

When Tavey stepped down in order to concentrate upon her writing. Kris took over from Tavey as Council Moderator. Tavey chose a few months later to withdraw completely from all support positions that she had undertaken for the SLA. This was, in part, due to a case of burn out that Tavey was going through, as well as some medical issues in the good old real world, that no amount of writing could take away.

In March 2014, Foxy wrote the following in the SLA's monthly newsletter:

"All change at the top - Tavey has stepped down as SLA Council Moderator. She held the post since Februrary 2010, initiated (and also carrying out) many updates to Ten Forward amongst other behind-the-scenes improvements, hosting at one point all of our message board sims and holding us together through difficult times, during which simming as a whole changed in so many ways. Big Thank You to Tavey, without whom the SLA probably wouldn't still be here in order to be able to say it!"

Real life

In the real world, Tavey is a number of things. Her official bio reads something along the lines of: "Stagehand, Writer, Mental Health Worker, Single Mum, Eccentric, First Generation LARPer, not necessarily in that order. I live with too many hats to move easily." She is one of the authors of Red Phone Box, a collaborative novel written by 29 artists around the world, including Warren Ellis.