Task Force 92

TF92 was a close-knit group of online Star Trek sims. We sought to develop our characters, participate in large ongoing intricate plots, enjoyed sharing our imaginations with each other and having fun :)

Our Area of Operations lay within the Alpha Quadrant, and extended to the left of the Federation territory. There, lay a region of unexplored and largely unclaimed space, enclosed by powerful forces, dubbed The Expanse.

Locked by the treacherous Badlands, the ever-shifting Cardassian Union, the powerful Breen, the multi-faced Ferengi and the mysterious Tholians, Kepler Station, the Expanse was a brand new theatre of operations for Starfleet that had therefore decided to allocate forces to its exploration, under the banner of the newly formed Task Force 92, under the command of Rear Admiral Jeremiah William Holden.

This Task Force has since closed.

Area of Operations: Sector 1757: The Expanse

With war behind the Federation, and the Cardassian Union still licking their wounds and focused on rebuilding their fractured society, Starfleet returns to its primary mission of exploration and study of the unknown. Thus Task Force 92 is born and founded on these ideals. Its mission is to operate far from traditional Federation Borders, to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life forms and civilisations; to peacefully explore the great beyond!

But first we have to get there. A task that is easier said than done. There is a swath of space that the Federation shares with the Cardassian Union, a line in space that has been constantly plagued with turmoil. Not only is this border shared with the Union, but the Ferengi, Tzenkethi, Breen, even the Badlands have all, so far, blocked our exploration. Beyond all of this however, is a large area of space shrouded in mystery, our prize. It is, The Expanse.

The Expanse is one of the last large unexplored regions of the Alpha Quadrant. While the Federation has spent centuries exploring our home Quadrant, as well as the other three, they have neglected this large area of space. As a result, many myths, legends and strange stories of the Expanse have permeated through the Federation and it is up to us to separate fact from fiction.

Any local peoples that may be encountered in the Expanse are typically not affiliated to a centralised government. They do however adhere to a loose trade agreement and are very wary of having yet another major galactic power invade their space. To abate those fears, Starfleet has promised that no more than 8 ships will be operational in the Expanse at any time, at least until the local governments are more comfortable with the idea.


  • 2386
    • Task Force 92 mobilized to the Expanse, Rear Admiral Jeremiah Holden appointed Task Force Commanding Officer.

  • 2380 - 2386
    • Various expeditions are sent into the Gamma and Delta Quadrants to survey the areas in the power vacuum left behind by the destruction of the Borg Unimatrix Complex and the Dominion.

  • 2380
    • For the first time in history, the Romulan Star Empire begins talks with the Federation towards overcoming the misunderstandings between the two powers.

  • 2379
    • Praetor Shinzon overthrows the Romulan Senate, almost causing all out war with the Federation. (Star Trek: Nemesis, end of canon Star Trek History)

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